Ive been putting this off for quite some time now.  I've been wanting to make a write-up for the community. What we will be doing is installing a powersteering delete block in a 91 318IS. the 325 install is very similar.


Jack the car up and place it on jack stands. First thing you need to do is take the cap off you power steering reservoir.


Slide a container under the car


Remove this banjo bolt from the Compressor



remove the second bolt and let it drain.


While you're waiting for the fluid to drain, remove this 10 mm bolt


Take the nut off the bottom of your drivers side motor mount.


now we will be removing these 2 banjo bolts from the rack.


Jack up your motor from the oil pan 1/2 inch, and remove the first banjo bolt with a socket and extension.


Now remove the second one with an open end wrench.


You can pull the reservoir out now


Take a powersteering delete, and the existing o-rings, and slide them on the banjo bolts as shown.



Place your delete on the rack, and tighten the rear banjo bolt first.


now tighten the front banjo.


You can now lower the motor back into place, and tighten the motor mount.


Loosen both of these bolts to remove the compressor


compressor is out!


Delete is in!


You're DONE! that wasn't too hard was it?

Here is a pic of everything you should have pulled out.


I bagged it and weighed it. 9.0 lbs even.




You can buy a ps delete here: