What differentiates the Condor Shorty and Tall weighted knobs?

Condor shift knobs are inspired by vintage mushroom shaped BMW knobs from the 80's found in road, race & rally cars. The tall knob features a removable 3.5 oz weight and weighs in at 223 grams (7.9 oz). The shorty knob has a permanent steel weight inside and weighs in at 189 grams (6.7 oz). That's a weight difference of 34 grams (1.2 oz).
Both knobs were designed with the driver in mind. 

The added weight acts like a counterweight during shifting, making throws that much quicker and smoother.

Height differences are significant. The tall knob measures 5.53 inches from end to end while the short knob measures only 3.56 inches from end to end. Between the two you'll see almost two inches of difference. No matter what your driving style, one of our weighted knobs will look and function great in your BMW.


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