IRP Short Shifter V3 - Self Centering


The new IRP Short Shifter V3 SC is a universal short shift kit designed for vehicles with manual transmissions. It features a self-centering mechanism like other more expensive shifters. It is compatible with all 5 or 6-speed BMWs that use a standard H-pattern Getrag or ZF transmission.


  • Self-centering Mechanism
  • CNC machined aluminum
  • Black anodizing for increased durability & lifespan.
  • Integrated reverse lock-out button - This means it is impossible to accidentally shift into reverse gear.
  • A bolt-on solution that works with the existing BMW selector rod.
  • Short and precise shift travel
  • Increased height allows for quick movement between the steering wheel and the shift lever.
  • Adjustable right/left stop.
  • Superb attention to detail & craftsmanship
  • Total Weight: 0.915 kg
  • Total Height: 12.75" Measured from top of handle to bottom of the base where it mounts to the transmission tunnel.

*Please note, shifters have black reverse lock-out buttons.

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