Condor "Tall" Knob - 24v Swap - Short Shift Kit - E30


Expect more accurate shifting and a sportier, tighter feel with the ultimate short shift kit from Condor. This is what we run in our Spec E30 race cars. The combination works so well that we decided to list it. Our weighted knob acts as a counterweight during shifting, and our design allows for weight adjustment to fit your driving style. Keep the weight for quick shifting, or remove it if you prefer the feeling of a lightweight knob.  Our kit includes a new z3 1.9 shift lever which shortens throw about 30%. Since the lever is an original BMW part, it has the rubber vibration dampening, which stops the annoying rattling transmitted to the inside of the car that other aftermarket SSKs are notorious for. We've included all the necessary original BMW components to rebuild your shift linkage including all our solid delrin shifter bushings.  

Condor e30 SSK Includes:

  • 1 Weighted Condor knob
  • 1 Shifter Cap (Choose from the drop down)
  • 1 Z3 1.9 lever
  • 1 B*tch clip
  • 2 Solid Oval Condor shift carrier bushings
  • 2 nylon spec washers
  • 1 Solid Condor rear shift carrier bushing
  • 2 securing circlips
  • 1 pivot cup
  • 1 shift lever rear support arm

*Fits all e30 models from 87 and up. Does not work with G260 or G240 from an E30.

*The 24v swap shift kit only fits with a ZF transmission.

*Oval Condor shift carrier bushings will replace the pictured round bushings.

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