SDW Monoball Thrust Arms - E9X xDrive


The best solution on the market for long term durability and precision suspension control! Syncro Design Works' sealed, over-sized 'Mega Bearing' eliminates the sloppy factory bushing, while giving excellent performance in all weather conditions. No need for preloading, re-greasing, or adjustments.

Fitment: e9x as well as the e84 X1 vehicles with xDrive.

E90 320xd, 325xi, 328xi, 330xd, 330xi, 335xi, (02/2004 — 12/2011)
E91 325xi, 328xi, 330xd, 330xi, 335xi (03/2004 — 05/2012)
E92 320xd, 325xi, 328xi, 330xd, 330xi, 335xi  (05/2005 — 06/2013)
E84 X1  (09/2008 — 06/2015)

Replaces: 31136768983 and 31136768984.

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