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GC Camber/Caster Plate - Spec E30 (for 2.5" springs)


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Designed specifically to work with the 2018 NASA spec-e30 coil-over setup or any other coil-over setup that uses a 2.5" spring. This is a true racing camber/caster plate. We've created 2 options for you to choose from:

  1. All aluminum camber/caster plates
  2. Aluminum camber/caster plates with steel upper plates

*Note to Spec E30 Racers
This new design features a "cupped washer" allowing the actual camber plate to rest on the spring hat. This design replaces the zinc plated teepee style insert that sits on the top hat. The "original "spec e30" camber plate thickness is 52.14mm. These coil-over camber plates measure 37.59mm. That's another 14.55 mm of shock travel that you can gain by using these camber plates. (It may be even more since the new camber plate places the strut shaft up into the plate a little more than the SE30 plate.)  If you want to learn more about the differences read the article. The truth about Spec E30 Camber plates.

All Ground Control products carry a lifetime guarantee against defects when installed and maintained correctly. We strongly recommend that all of our products be installed by a competent, qualified mechanic.

E30 (12/1981 — 02/1994)



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