IRP Hydraulic handbrake No. 4


The IRP IRP Hydraulic handbrake No. 4 is a universal handbrake that can be connected to the stock braking system or can be installed as part of a separate hydraulic braking system using additional calipers and mounting brackets.  The orientation and height of the handle allow you to easily control the amount of force applied to the brakes when entering or in the middle of a drift. This allows for a much higher braking force with minimal effort.

This handbrake features a .625" Wilwood master cylinder that has a single output port in the middle and a port for a fluid reservoir on the end. The handle is CNC machined aluminum and black anodized for protection and looks.


  • CNC machined aluminum
  • Black anodizing for increased durability & lifespan.
  • .625" Wilwood master cylinder
  • A bolt-on solution that works with the existing braking system
  • Short and precise lever travel
  • Increased height allows for quick movement between the steering wheel and the lever.
  • Superb attention to detail & craftsmanship

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