M20 2.5l Short Block (SE30)


SPEC E30 Legal 2.5 L Short Block. We've teamed up with the machine shop that builds our motors. Now you can run the same short block as we do. We source and replace the following with brand new parts:

  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Rod bearings
  • Main bearings
  • Oil pump
  • Oil galley plugs
  • Crank scraper
  • Oil pan baffle
  • All seals and gaskets
Work Performed:
  • Complete disassembly & cleaning.
  • Water passages are pressure tested to 80psi.
  • Block is inspected.
  • Block is machined and honed with a torque plate.
  • Gasket surface is machined.
  • Main bores are line honed.
  • The crankshaft is checked for straightness and polished.
  • Rotating assembly is balanced.
  • Rods are honed to spec & pin fitted.
  • Ring gaps are checked.
  • Bearing clearances are set.
  • The oil pump is disassembled. Tolerances are inspected. The pump is cleaned and reassembled with assembly lube.
  • Block is painted and new oil galley plugs are installed.
  • Shortblock is assembled.

If your core is unusable, you will be notified. If you are not providing a core, there is an additional $350 core charge

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