The Bomber - Z4 Engine & Trans, Rear Subframe, RTABS, Diff, CAB


The Bomber Combo will dramatically change the responsiveness of your Z4, It includes almost everything you need to redo the entire drive-train and suspension. If you are serious about your street/track car, you need this combo. Our engine and transmission mounts will give you immediate improvements in shifting under hard braking, and better throttle response. Our suspension bushings allow crisper turn in and more direct power delivery to the rear wheels. Our combo includes a set of Z4 6cyl or 4cyl engine mounts (selected in the drop-down), ZF transmission mounts, offset or centered control arm bushings (selected in the drop-down), rear subframe bushings, a set of our reinforced rear trailing arm bushings, and our differential bushing kit.


The "Bomber" combo fits: 

2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe

*Please Note: Fits 21-22MM Hex.

Fits the following Meyle and Lemforder arms with 21-22MM Hex.

  • LEMFORDER ZHP - 31 12 2 282 121 & 31 12 2 282 122
  • LEMFORDER - 31 12 6 777 851 & 31 12 6 777 852
  • MEYLE HD - 31 12 6 777 851 &  31 12 6 777 852

*Please note that Meyle makes a standard e46 control arm and a Heavy Duty control arm. SOME HD arms have a hex that is larger in size. These HD control arms may need to be shaved 1-2 mm for proper fitment.

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