Should You Replace Your Glass Windows with Polycarbonate?

Should You Replace Your Glass Windows with Polycarbonate?

BMW’s first production car arrived more than a century ago, and ever since, BMWs have been known for their perfect blend of comfort and handling. It wasn’t long after their first cars hit the road that BMW became a popular choice for driving enthusiasts and race car drivers due to their quality construction, superior performance, lightweight body, and the fact that they are easy to modify with performance upgrades.
June 23, 2022 by The Condor

8 BMW E9X Weight Reduction Ideas

The fifth generation of BMW’s legendary 3 Series arrived as a 2005 model year replacement for the popular E46. This new platform had four main body styles, a four-door sedan (the E90), a five “door” station wagon (the E91), a two-door coupe (the E92), and a two-door hardtop convertible (the E93), and collectively these body styles make up what is known to BMW enthusiasts as the E9X platform. The E9x was available with both automatic and manual transmissions, and multiple engine choices were available, including four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and a V8 which was a first for the M3 model. The E9x was in production until 2011 and is still a popular choice for drivers and racers today.
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Top 5 BMW E9X Performance Parts

BMW's fifth-generation 3 Series arrived in 2005 to replace the much-loved E46. This new model consisted of the E90 sedan, E91 station wagon, E92 coupe, and E93 convertible. These four body styles collectively make up what is known to BMW enthusiasts as the E9x 3 Series. The new 3 Series platform introduced several firsts, including a turbocharged engine found in the 335i and a naturally aspirated V8 in the New M3. The E9X also carried on BMW Motorsports' success in GT, Endurance, and Touring Car racing. It was the last 3 Series model with an "E" designation and was replaced by new 3 and 4 Series models by 2013.  

April 26, 2022 by The Condor

7 Of The Most Popular BMW E36 Mods You Can Get

The BMW E36 3 Series has become one of the more desirable< BMW models for drivers and enthusiasts in recent years. Launched as the replacement for the E30 3 Series in 1990, the E36 was a success from the beginning. While maintaining the tradition of four or six-cylinder engines in front of the driver, and cars available in coupe, sedan, convertible, and wagon configurations, the E36 also brought BMW’s visual styling into the modern age while still having a distinct BMW look. It featured updated aerodynamics, a multi-link rear suspension and was ranked highly by the motoring press during its production run.

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Benefits of Coilovers for the Street & the Track

Benefits of Coilovers for the Street & the Track

For decades BMW has utilized a McPherson Strut style front suspension on some of its most popular cars, including the legendary 3 Series. This design utilizes a single lower control arm that is attached to the body by a strut assembly that includes a telescoping shock absorber which is dampened by a spring. The rear suspension on some generations like the e30, e36 & E46 feature a trailing arm-style multi-link setup that also features a shock absorber and spring, but they are not part of a single assembly. The whole point of this style of suspension is to keep the car from bottoming out while under a load, but not to be so stiff that the ride is unbearable. This suspension setup has allowed BMWs to be some of the most comfortable cars on the road, while also making them well-handling and responsive cars when driven hard and pushed to the limit on the track.  
February 16, 2022 by The Condor
Everything You Need to Know About BMW E30 vs. E36 M3

Everything You Need to Know About BMW E30 vs. E36 M3

The BMW 3 series has been a favorite with automotive enthusiasts worldwide ever since it was first introduced in 1975 as a replacement for the 2002 model. That first generation 3 Series, the E21, provided the same excellent handling and feel of the 2002, but with updated styling to the exterior and interior which helped bring BMW into a more modern age. This first 3 Series model was only available in two-door coupe form with styling cues such as the Hofmeister kink (the C-pillar and rear side window’s shape) and options for six or four cylinders which would continue with second and third-generation 3 Series models. The E21 also enjoyed success in competition ranging from local autocross competitions and club racing to International Endurance and Sportscar Racing, but it would be the second-generation 3 Series, the E30, that really put BMW on the map when it comes to motorsports.
January 27, 2022 by The Condor

Best Modified BMWs of 2021

Every BMW enthusiast knows that a BMW really is the ultimate driving machine. They provide a fantastic balance of comfort, handling, and power that few other manufacturers can replicate. Their cars are also the perfect platform for upgrading and building a winning competition car, which is why so many BMWs have been and continue to be modified. This list features some of the best modified BMWs of 2021, models which continue to increase in popularity and performance.
January 25, 2022 by The Condor

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for BMW Enthusiasts

With the holiday season upon us, are you looking for the perfect gift for the BMW owners, drivers, and enthusiast in your life?
Condor Speed Shop is your one-stop location for all things BMW: anything related to the Ultimate Driving Machine, chances are you can find it here!
We often talk to folks like you who want to surprise their friend or loved one with something meaningful related to their BMW. Sometimes they come in looking for a specific car part, but this isn’t usually the best idea.
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Condor Speed Shop’s Top 10 BMW Performance Parts Combos

BMW cars are engineered from the factory to be the ultimate driving machine. They combine the perfect level of comfort and performance that has earned an enthusiast's following like no other.  While BMWs are amazing machines, they will eventually need components replaced for two main reasons. One reason is that parts wear out over time and need to be replaced, and the other is replacing a stock component with one that provides a performance upgrade.
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Top Performance BMWs of the 90s

BMW has had many memorable performance models over the decades, and the 90s are no different. BMW really hit its stride coming into the 90s on the track and street, with many of the most legendary cars in its history being produced during this era. Listed below are some of the top performance BMW cars of this time period, did your favorite model make the cut?
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