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Power-Steering Delete, Aluminum Mini R50 R52 R53

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A simple yet effective way to remove your power steering and loop the steering rack, allowing residual fluid and air to continually circulate within. This version of our popular power-steering delete is machined from a solid block of Aluminum. These will work on any steering rack from the first generation mini (2001-2006; 2001-2008 for the vert).

*Does not fit the 06 with a metal nipple and a plate attached to the pump with a rubber return line.

The reason you need a power-steering delete that actually loops the two banjo bolts is not only to let any residual fluid pass from one side of the rack to the other but also to let the air inside flow freely from one side to the other. Without this pass-through, you will be compressing the air/fluid inside of your rack on each side when you turn the wheel, requiring more steering effort, and eventually blowing out the seals. 

Installation is simple. You will need to remove the stock reservoir, pump, and hoses. Keep the OEM banjo bolts and using the provided washers, bolt our delete in place.   Make sure you use the washers to "sandwich" the delete before you tighten the banjo bolts. Do not over-tighten when installing.

Tighter more responsive steering.
Better road feel/feedback
Harder steering at speeds below 15mph

Aluminum Power steering Delete
4 new washers

Install Instructions:

  1. Remove your power steering system. This includes the belt, pump, lines, and reservoir. You may need to raise the motor to access the 2 banjo bolts.
  2. Remove the 100 amp power steering fuse under the engine compartment fuse box. It is underneath a separate cover that must be pried off to gain access.
  3. Drain the rack before installation. Turn your rack full lock from one side to the other side 3-4 times. This removes unnecessary fluid. 
  4. Slide 1 washer onto the smaller banjo bolt. Slide the delete onto the smaller banjo bolt. Now slide 1 washer onto the same smaller banjo bolt. Your delete should be sandwiched between 2 washers on the smaller banjo bolt. The smaller of the two banjo bolts may have a check valve in it which you can remove, but it is not necessary.
  5. Slide 1 large washer onto the larger banjo bolt. Slide the larger banjo bolt with the large washer onto the delete. Now slide 1 washer onto the larger banjo bolt.. Your delete should be sandwiched between 2 washers, on the larger banjo bolt.
  6. Install your delete onto your rack by tightening both banjo bolts.
  7. Torque to OEM specs. 

Learn more:

Installation video: (Mini installation will differ.)