We are known for our great customer service. If you have a question about something, check the FAQs below. If you don't find the answer to your question, just shoot us an email at support@condorspeedshop.com and we'll do our best to help.


Q. What is the hardness of UHMW?

A. Shore D 68    (See Hardness Scale)

Q. Why use UHMW?

A. UHMW is a self-lubricating polymer and requires no additional lubrication. It is great as a bushing material because it absorbs some vibration and keeps its form. It is unlike polyurethane because it will never require lubrication and since it is machined from a solid piece, it will not come apart over time. It is very resistant to abrasion and will outlast the life of your car. We use them on all our race cars and our street cars.

Q. Do I need to grease my bushings when I install them?

A. No, UHMW is a self-lubricating polymer and requires no additional lubrication.

Q. I ordered your motor mounts.  They are ½” taller than the stock mounts I removed.  I am not sure that I got the right ones. I am concerned that having the motor sit ½” higher is going to throw off the driveline geometry, and raise my CG.?

 A. You have the right engine mounts. We see this a lot. 10-25-year-old rubber mounts compress over time, and when you change them out the new mounts are a bit taller. There's nothing to worry about, your new Condor engine mounts are the same size as the OEM mounts were when they were new.


E30 Questions 

Q. What is the benefit of Offset CABs vs Centered CABs?

A. Offset Control Arm Bushings add more caster and give a more direct & solid steering feel. The car has more straight-line stability and feels more responsive. They also allow the steering wheel to more easily return to center. If your car has centered bushings from the factory, upgrading to our centered bushings will not affect caster.

Q. What is the proper way to install Offset CABs?

A. Installation orientation is as follows: Line up the indicator marking on the bushing with the indicator on the carrier. The offset hole should be rotated towards the outside edges of the car. The flange/lip points towards the front of the car.

Q. What is the benefit of the Eyeball Arm Mounts?

A. They are very similar to the old treehouse bushings. NVH is noticeable, but only slightly. The steering feels like it has less slop. Response is great due to the increased camber at turn-in, mainly due to the slight increase in caster. 

Q. What is the install orientation for the regular E30 subframe bushings?

A. The thick half goes on top.

Q. What is the install orientation for the E30 12mm Riser bushings?

A. The thin half goes on top. 

Q. Do I need to use washers when I install my E30 subframe bushings?

A. Yes, there are two OEM washers that need to be reused or you can purchase new ones here.

Q. What is the install orientation for 24V Swap Mounts, & how do I install them?

A. The angle goes on top and faces outwards. The easiest thing to do is to set the motor on the mounts and tighten the bottoms first. Don't do one all the way. Do each side bit by bit. As you tighten the bottoms, alternate between the left and right sides. The engine will center itself. Make sure the trans mounts are loose. Tighten the tops last.

Q. How do I know what Short Shift Kit to get for my E30?

A. The split for the SSKs is 6/86. Before requires the “early” SSK kit and after requires the regular “late” SSK kit.

Q. What kind of SSK kit do I need for an IX?

A. For an IX you will need the E30 “Late” or regular SSK kit with an IX carrier subbed in. 99% of the time this carrier can be reused.

 Q. Should I get regular or 12mm subframe riser bushings for my track car?

A. We don't suggest getting the 12mm riser bushings for a race car. They are designed to reduce camber, and for racing, you actually want to increase it. The other drawback to using the 12mm riser bushings in race cars is that since it raises the subframe by 12mm, now you have even less room for the "weld-in" toe/camber adjusters. We definitely suggest getting our regular subframe bushings for a race car.

  Q. Do the 12mm Subframe riser bushings raise my subframe by 12mm?

 A. The 12mm risers do move the subframe up into the chassis, but they don't change the ride height since the springs stay in the same place. They do change the trailing arm geometry and reduce negative camber. We designed them to increase tire life on extremely low street cars.


E36 Questions

Q. What is the install orientation for the E36 Subframe mounts?

A. Thick half on top.

Q. Which Control Arm Bushings do I need for my E36 M3, centered or offset?

A. Since the control arms were a bit different between the 95 & 96+. The offset CABs only came on the 95 e36 M3. The 96 and up e36 m3s came with centered CABs.  In order to keep the wheel centered in the wheel well, you should choose the bushing version which matches the year of your car. This will keep the correct geometry.

Q. What belt do I need to use when deleting the power steering from an M5X/S5X motor?

A. Dayco 5060555 6PK1410 (S50 Swapped E30, E36) or K060560  (99 318ti m44, E30 4cyl, E36 4cyl)

Q. Will the E36 Steering Shaft Conversion Kit fit RHD models?

A. Yes, we can confirm that it will fit all RHD models.


Torque Values

Q. What do I torque the Motor Mounts to?

A. 8-10 ft.lbs.

Q.  What do I torque the Transmission Mounts to?

A. 8-10 ft.lbs.

Q. What do I torque the UHMW power steering delete to?

A. Appx. 15 ft.lbs.

Q. What do I torque the Aluminum power steering delete to?

A. Apx. 30ftlbs.

Q. What is the torque for the wheel stud and nut kits?


A. For studs, 25 ft lbs or hand tight to the hub with medium thread lock. Use factory torque on the nuts, we use 80 ft lbs on our race cars.