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A Guide to Choosing the Right Engine Mount

A Guide to Choosing the Right Engine Mount

When you think about performance upgrades for your BMW, engine mounts might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they are a vital part of your Ultimate Driving Machine and choosing the correct mounts for your car can aid in your driving experience on the street and on the track. With several choices available, the replacement mounts you choose will depend on how you plan to use your car, and the information below will help point you in the right direction. 

Stock BMW Engine Mounts

Most BMWs come from the factory with rubber-based mounts, and some are even fluid-filled for specific applications. Rubber is selected because it will allow for some movement and aid in dampening engine vibration. BMW engineers want to provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible from the factory. Depending on how you plan to use your car, however, there might be a few downsides to using stock replacement mounts. 

Rubber mounts will always wear out over time. The high amount of heat created under the hood and the constant vibration of the engine will take their toll and lead to increased vibration and movement. They can even get bad enough to make you think you are experiencing an ignition misfire, and in some cases, will separate completely.  

Driving aggressively, on track, or in a controlled environment adds even more strain on your car and increases the chance of engine mount degradation and failure. Replacing your worn-out mounts with stock factory parts can only be recommended if you plan on staying off the track and drive conservatively, but where is the fun in that?

Polyurethane Engine Mounts

If you’re looking to replace your engine mounts, whether they are worn out or you want a performance upgrade, polyurethane engine mounts are a highly recommended option. If your car sees mostly street use but you enjoy the occasional track day, autocross, road rally, or spirited weekend drive, then you will probably want something more than a stock rubber mount. Installing polyurethane replacements are the logical upgrade.

A good set of these mounts will be made from high-quality 70A military spec polyurethane and will have CNC-machined aluminum fittings. They will be about 30% stiffer than a stock BMW mount but still allow for comfortable street driving. Check out our high-quality VIP polyurethane engine mounts online at Condor Speed Shop.

Solid UHMW Engine Mounts

If you plan on spending time on the racetrack and on the street, upgrading to solid UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) mounts is a must. On track, you will want as little engine movement as possible. Stock engine mounts will cause the engine to move from side to side or back and forth. This movement, when felt in the cockpit, can lead to mechanical failures and driving errors like missed shifts.  

UHMW engine mounts will aid in creating a tighter feeling overall and will make you more comfortable as a driver on the track. To some, these might be a bit too aggressive for everyday street use, but the improved responsiveness on track will be worth it. If a well-handled track car is your goal, check out our UHMW engine mounts that we offer at Condor Speed Shop. 

Solid Aluminum Engine Mounts

If you’re building an all-out race car, having solid aluminum engine mounts might be the best choice for you. Some of the most technologically advanced race cars on the planet do not even have engine mounts in the traditional sense; the engine and frame are bolted directly together, so the engine becomes a stressed member of the chassis. This lack of rubber and plastic helps tremendously when it comes to stiffness and responsiveness but shouldn’t be considered for use on the street.

Installing solid aluminum engine mounts with no rubber or plastic at all is a significant performance upgrade. These mounts can withstand the extreme heat that a custom race engine will produce, where rubber and plastic might not be up to the task. They provide the ultimate stiffness and responsiveness that a racing situation requires. If you are serious about building a dedicated track warrior, we offer high-quality Armageddon aluminum engine mounts.

Mount-Related Upgrades

If you’re looking into upgrading your engine mounts, you have a few other things to consider.  First is the immense amount of heat generated by a BMW motorsport engine operating at peak performance. Some cars come from the factory with a small metal shield that offers a little protection, but they can also transfer heat and most do not fully cover the mount. 

Our high-quality engine mount replacements can withstand extreme amounts of heat, but as turbos are added and horsepower is increased, it is a good idea to install an engine mount heat sleeve. Our engine mount heat sleeves will reflect 90% of radiant heat and help keep things cooler.  

If you have decided to replace your engine mounts, then consider replacing your transmission mount at the same time. A good rule of thumb is to replace them with a comparable material. For instance, if you go with high-quality UHMW engine mounts, replacing the transmission mounts with a cheap rubber one doesn’t make sense. Just like with engine mounts, the transmission mount you choose will depend on how you plan to use your BMW. Will it be a street car, track day car, an all-out race car, or something in between? No matter what you decide, Condor Speed Shop has the transmission mounts for you!  

And while you’re upgrading your mounts, it’s also a great time to upgrade some of your suspension bushings as well. Just like engine mounts, your BMW’s suspension bushings came from the factory with rubber components. They wear out over time, and even when new, will not be up to the task of aggressive performance driving. 

Upgrading all of these to UHMW bushings and mounts is the way to go if you plan on spending a lot of time at the track. Condor Speed Shop offers several combo kits with mounts and bushings, so not only is this a way to improve responsiveness on track, but it will also save you money!  

Get out and Drive!

Factory BMW engine mounts will need to be replaced sooner or later, and what replacement part you choose will depend on how you plan to use your car. Whether you plan to attend your first local autocross or build an all-out racer that will never see public roads, Condor Speed Shop has best BMW performance parts for you. For the best engine mounts available for your BMW, visit our shop online and follow us on your favorite social media platform! 

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