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5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Engine Mount

5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Engine Mount

Engine mounts play a significant role in your car’s handling, performance, and comfort, yet they are an often overlooked item until they fail completely. Factory BMW engine mounts utilize rubber and metal components, and some are even liquid-filled in some applications. These materials are used to minimize engine vibration and provide the most comfortable ride possible. 

BMWs are the Ultimate Driving Machine, and many of their customers value a smooth ride just as much as they value performance, so BMW engineers provide the best of both worlds. Just like any other rubber-based parts, such as belts, gaskets, coolant hoses, and tires, your engine mounts will eventually need to be replaced. Due to their location between the engine and the frame of the car, engine mounts are subject to not only stress but also intense heating and cooling cycles which will eventually lead to the need to replace them. Here are five signs to look for and some of the best reasons why you should replace your engine mounts.

1. Collapsed Mounts

If you spend any time under the hood of your car, you might begin to notice that your engine is leaning to one side more than usual or that your engine is sitting lower in the engine bay than normal. You might even begin to feel a slight vibration while your car is running. This is a telltale sign that your engine mounts are starting to collapse. Engine mounts on BMWs produced over the last few decades (E36, E46, E39 models, etc.) were made to allow them to collapse and shrink in size as they fail. This can be a gradual change that might be hard to notice at first, or they can go quickly, but when you notice it, it’s time to replace those old factory mounts before they fail completely.

2. Broken and Separated Mounts

The most significant sign that you need to replace your engine mounts is if the rubber portion of the mount has separated from the metal part and has completely broken apart. The symptoms that point to this happening are unusual vibrations coming from the drive train at idle or under acceleration and seeing the engine move back and forth in the engine bay when applying throttle.  Sometimes the vibrations can even mimic other serious symptoms like a misfire caused by a bad coil pack and can even cause a knocking sound that mimics low oil pressure. The engine moving back and forth more than it is supposed to also adds stress and tension on parts like rubber coolant and power steering lines which could also fail if subjected to too much movement and stress. If one or both engine mounts have failed completely, you will literally feel and need to replace them as soon as possible.

3. Performing a Major Service

If you are doing any major service work on your BMW, it is worth taking a look at your engine mounts to see if they have collapsed, show any signs of wear, or if the rubber portion of the mount is starting to crack. Many suspension parts on BMWs utilize rubber bushings, and they suffer the same fate as factory engine mounts. All of these parts are under a lot of stress, and while they might not all wear out at the same time, if they are the same age or are original factory parts that are years or even decades old, they might begin to fail one after another. If you are already replacing and upgrading other worn parts on your car, especially suspension parts like control arm bushings or subframe bushings, it might be time to replace your engine and transmission mounts too, and for the best reason possible, to save money! You can purchase multiple parts in a combo from a reputable site like Condor Speed Shop that will save you money.  

4. Performance Driving

Wanting to drive your BMW aggressively in a safe environment is a good sign, and also a sign that you need to replace our engine mounts. If you are looking for an upgrade that will aid in handling and performance driving, then replacing your stock engine mounts with upgraded Polyurethane or UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) mounts are one of the best pieces of motorsports hardware that you will find.  Polyurethane mounts available from are 30% stiffer than factory mounts, but they still provide the comfort that you will want in a daily driver.  Mounts and bushings made from UHMW provide even more stiffness and are some of the most popular BMW Performance Upgrades you can get.  Upgrading your engine mounts will increase responsiveness dramatically. If you are looking for that extra edge at an autocross or an occasional track day, UHMW engine mounts available from Condor Speed Shop are the way to go.  

5. Hitting the Track

BMWs are in their natural habitat on the race track. BMW race cars can be found at tracks across the country every weekend, and they all have BMW racing parts under the hood. If you are building a racing BMW or purchasing one of unknown build quality, it means that you will have to replace your engine mount with upgraded part . Stock rubber engine mounts are comfortable for the street, but will provide way too much movement on the race track. Upgrading to UHMW engine and transmission mounts (and suspension bushings) is a no-brainer for a track car. For specific applications it might even be necessary to upgrade to solid aluminum engine and transmission mounts, use engine riser mounts, install engine mount heat sleeves to protect from intense exhaust heat, or use mounts specifically made for an engine swap. The good news is that Condor Speed Shop offers all these parts and mounts for multiple BMW models, so whatever your plans are for your BMW racing car, you will be able to make it happen with quality made-in-the-USA parts that a knowledgeable enthusiast can install themselves.  

Replace Your Engine Mounts

Whether your engine mounts on your weekend driver have collapsed, or you plan on racing for 12 Hours at Sebring International Raceway, Condor Speed Shop has the replacement engine mounts for you. Our website features all of the parts mentioned above and offers interesting articles, “how-to” videos, and great photography of some impressive BMWs. Condor Speed Shop will help to keep your car the Ultimate Driving Machine for years to come! 

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