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E30 Bushing Comparison - Stock vs. Condor

E30 Bushing Comparison - Stock vs. Condor

We tried something that's never been attempted before - to see the timed lap difference between Condor bushings and stock bushings in an e30 on the same day. The idea was to take a mostly stock e30 to the track, run the fastest lap possible, bring it back to the pits, change out all the rubber bushings and mounts for the Condor parts and go back out to see how much of a difference they made. Doing this the right way was no easy feat. We wanted to do the entire comparison test on the same day to get the most accurate comparison possible. We borrowed a 1989 325i sedan which was mostly stock other than a front strut brace, Bilstein shocks, H&R Sport springs, Condor stainless steel brake/clutch lines, Motorsport Hardware 90mm studs & nuts, and a Condor short shift kit. We prepped the car with Redline transmission and differential fluid and Motul RBF 600 brake fluid. We chose a 200 treadwear street tire, the Nexen N FERA SUR4G in a 225/45ZR15 size for the test. A team was assembled, and the comparison was planned around a competition NASA time trial event at Palm Beach International Raceway. Our stig for the day was Victor Leo, an experienced racer who's driven everything from circle track cars to 800 HP Ariel Atoms on track. He took the car out for the first session of the day and his best time was a 1.41.171. He pulled the car back into the pits and our team got to work. Every rubber bushing and mount was replaced in favor of a Condor version. The entire swap was done in a matter of hours. Watch the video to see how it all unfolds.

Special thanks to Nick Petakas, Victor Leo, Elon Goran, Juan Carlos, Matias & Joel Garcia.

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