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E9X 330i – MSV70 to MSV80 Conversion

E9X 330i – MSV70 to MSV80 Conversion

The purpose of this procedure is to convert from MSV70 to MSV80. This procedure will be necessary for all 2006 325i’s and 330i’s in order to run the Spec E9X tune, courtesy of Epic Motorsports. These instructions are specifically for the 330i. Instructions for the 325i can be found here. 

The reason for this conversion is to unify and consolidate the ECU calibration, creating parity within the 325i, 330i and 328i model range. This way we will have all cars running on MSV80 and one calibration for the entire Spec E9X racing series. This will ensure that there is no perceived and/or actual performance advantage.

1. Locate and remove the fuel injector relay. It is on the far left side in front of the DME.

2. Install a jumper wire between the orange and red wires on the fuel injector

relay. We use a zip-tie to keep it in place.

3. Locate DME Connector 5 on the left side of the DME. Swap pin 26 with pin 4 on connector number 5.

4. Replace the MSV70 DME with a MSV80 DME.

5. Swap the 330i throttle body with a 328i throttle body. You will need to repin the connector, or purchase the Condor throttle body adapter harness.

6. Remove the pin with blue wire from the mass airflow sensor connector.

7. Replace the 330i mass airflow sensor with a 328i mass airflow sensor.

8. Locate CAS module under the driver’s side of the dash. Unplug and remove the thin connector from within.

9. Remove pin 20 and pin 7 from the thin connector.

10. Replace the 330i CAS with a 328i CAS.

11. Unplug the steering lock connector. (be sure to disable the mechanical steering lock before performing this step. this must be done for most racing series)

12. Use the 328i key to start the car.

Tools Needed Include:

-10mm deep socket ratchet w/ short extension

-90 degree angled pick

-Shorty Flat Head Screwdriver

-Long Flat Head Screwdriver

-T25 Torx bit w/ extension


Courtesy of Curtis Buxton

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