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Ohlins Spec E9X Suspension Development

Ohlins Spec E9X Suspension Development

When developing the suspension for Spec E9X we wanted to maximize the platform's potential at an affordable price point. With many off-the-shelf options, we wanted more than a standardized coilover or shock/spring combination. We partnered with Ohlins USA to create a pro-level suspension kit specific to the racing series at a reasonable price. 

The Ohlins Spec E9X suspension was developed at their North Carolina headquarters where it was first shaker rig tested and then rigorously track tested with specific spring rates, click settings, and damper modifications. All aspects of performance were considered and scrutinized when developing this system.

The Ohlins Spec E9X system utilizes their patented Dual Flow Valve Flow Technology which allows you to quickly change the stiffness of the shock absorber, helping maintain stability and traction over various track surfaces. Damping levels are adjustable via a 20-click external bleed adjuster to fine-tune damping characteristics for different tracks and weather conditions.

Shock Performance is designed to last over long races in the toughest conditions due to a temperature-compensating adjustment shaft that extends to reduce the bleed as oil temperatures increase, decreasing viscosity within the dampers. 

Condor car on track.

The Spec E9X suspension system features monotube damper architecture for improved response with strengthened inverted struts for a stronger design which places fewer side loads on the main piston. 

This combination of features and tunability results in the ultimate bolt-on suspension package for any track-oriented BMW E9X build. 

The Ohlins Spec E9X suspension package is readily available at Condor Speed Shop along with many other performance-bred parts to enhance your BMW's driveability and overall performance.

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