New Product! Condor E36 Sedan Polycarbonate Door Window Kit

We've added E36 Sedan Polycarbonate Door Windows to our catalog. This is a six piece window replacement kit that takes the place of the stock glass. You'll see a 50% savings in weight. The small triangular rear door windows are permanently installed in the doors. Each of the sedan door windows slide into the OEM rubber window frames and are held in place with the included pins. You can easily pull the pins and pop them out for your track session. 

Use them while your car is in storage, or to keep your track car dry on rainy days. We use them to keep the dust and dirt our of our cars when towing to and from the track on our open trailer. 

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Photo credit: Adam Dooley
Car owner: Mike Kourie

December 05, 2017 by Carlos Mendez
Tags: E36

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