The truth about Spec E30 Camber plates.

The truth about Spec E30 Camber plates.

I have never driven on the new coil-overs before this weekend, and I have to say I absolutely love them. The car feels much more precise at the limit. The weight transition is smooth and predictable. The tires feel like they're working even harder than before. My car still feels very neutral at the limit, and when the back end steps out, you can bring it back easily and controllably (probably due to less weight transition). In turn, 17 at Sebring where I used to feel the front left shock bottoming out with the old suspension, now there's no more bottoming out...
April 25, 2018 by Carlos Mendez

Spectoberfest BMW Meet

Join us for the inaugural ‘Spectoberfest’ BMW meet at the Iconic Sebring International Raceway on Saturday October 1st. We'll be kicking off with at speed ride-alongs, on-track parade laps, Spec E30 racing action & a dinner social on pit road.

September 28, 2016 by Carlos Mendez
Running Stock - A day with Spec E30 at Sebring

Running Stock - A day with Spec E30 at Sebring

By Daniel Shaffer

When I hear SPEC E30, I tend to think of a bunch of old dirty 80s cars trying to make it around a track.  I think of bumping, rubbing and the smell of dirty fuel in the air.  Well it's exactly what I thought and more, in the best of ways.

May 12, 2016 by Carlos Mendez

Condor on Instragram

Not sure if you guys know, but we are on instagram. Look us up, condorspeedshop, to follow our builds and other projects!

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Condor has added Blunt Tech as an exclusive retail partner!

Condor Speed Shop has become the premier source for solid motor mounts and suspension bushings for the BMW marque these days... We've partnered with Blunt Tech, the web's best source for OEM replacement and performance parts for all BMW models. Blunt Tech is fast becoming the top retailer in the world of automotive replacement parts. The customer service oriented retailer offers affordable and top quality parts to the discerning shopper. Built on a solid foundation, Blunt Tech is now the exclusive retailer of Condor Speed Shop products!

April 14, 2013 by Carlos Mendez