Differential Stud Kit


We took the hard work out of removing and reinstalling your differential! If you've ever taken out your diff, you know how much of a pain it is to get the bolt holes to line up during re-installation. They never seem to line up perfectly, and getting the bolts to go in can be time-consuming. Our diff studs are designed to make your life a little easier. The diff will line up and lift right into the holes every time.

• 38mm studs are used with OEM or regular subframe bushings.
• 45mm studs are used with the 12mm riser subframe bushings. 

You'll need to pull the driveshaft to drop the diff. Use thread locker during install. Recommended for street or race use.

Set includes:
4 Studs
4 Washers
4 Lock Nuts

Torque studs to 25ft lbs.
Torque nuts to 40 ft lbs.

Available in 45mm or 38mm in the drop down.

e30, e28, e36 318ti & BMW Z3. 

Install Video

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