Black Door Cards - E30 Coupe


Our black ABS plastic front door & rear 1/4 panel cards are CNC cut and match the inner recess in the E30 doors. Each panel measures .093" in thickness.  The rear doors cover the entire 1/4 panel hole. Front cards include the cutout for the door latch mechanism. The back side features locating marks. All marks are pre-drilled half-depth in the proper location for the pull strap, pull handle and window crank. All rivet holes come pre-drilled. 


  • .093 thick black ABS
  • Pre-drilled installation holes for rivets or riv-nuts.
  • Locating marks on back side for pull strap, handle and crank.
  • Suggested riv-nuts: metric socket button head 3mm x 0.5 x 10mm (not included).

E30 coupe  (12/1981 — 02/1994)

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**Pull straps are Red and can be added to your door card order in the drop down .

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