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The Heretic - Solid M50/S52 Swap Engine, Trans, CABS, Subframe, RTABS, Diff - E30

Original price $365.00 - Original price $388.00
Original price
$365.00 - $388.00
Current price $365.00

This combo will dramatically change the responsiveness of your swapped E30. If you are serious about your street/track car, you need this combo. You will notice immediate improvements in shifting mid-corner and immediate throttle response on the track. Our UHMW mounts will slightly increase engine vibration at low-to-mid range RPMs, but the trade-off is well worth it. Designed for all 24v swaps into E30 chassis.

Two solid 24 valve swap engine mounts, 2 solid transmission mounts, 2 Offset Control Arm Bushings (E30 M3 Style), Rear Subframe Bushing Kit, Rear Trailing Arm Bushings & a Differential Mount for the E30.

*Upgrade to the 12mm Subframe Riser Bushings if your e30 is extremely low and you are experiencing uneven tire wear.