The Heretic - Solid M50/S52 Motor & Trans, CABS, Subframe, RTABS, Diff - E30


This combo will dramatically change the responsiveness of your E30. If you are serious about your street/track car, you need this combo. You will notice immediate improvements in shifting mid-corner and immediate throttle response on the track. These UHMV versions will slightly increase engine vibration at low-to-mid range RPMs, but this trade-off is worth it. These motor mounts are built to the OEM mount height to reduce the likelihood of hose or air box alignment problems. These mounts incorporate the correct stud location and will allow you to "clock" the mounts manually. *USE MOUNTS WHEN SWAPPING M50, S50 OR S52 INTO E30 CHASSIS*

2 solid M50/S52 Swap motor mounts, 2 solid transmission mounts, 2 offset Control Arm Bushings (M3 Style), Rear Subframe Bushing Kit, Rear Trailing Arm Bushings & a Differential Mount for the E30. (You also have the option to add a powersteering delete in the drop down.)

*Upgrade to the 12mm Subframe Riser Bushings if your e30 is extremely low and you are experiencing uneven tire wear.

**Want your CABs pressed into new carriers? Do it here.


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