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Condor Relay Wiring kit for SPAL Fans

Original price $98.99 - Original price $148.99
Original price
$98.99 - $148.99
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Wire your E30 or E36 with a new Spal fan the easy way. The Condor fan relay harness works with all SPAL fans. The wiring harness will attach to the existing OEM radiator temp switch (80/88c E36 sensor is recommended). This sensor will activate the relay whenever the temperature is reached. This kit uses the 80c pin to trigger the sensor. The fan will run at a constant speed while the sensor temperature is reached and while the key is in the “On” position.

Our kits include a weatherproof fuse holder, high-temperature wire, and abrasion/chemical/UV-resistant expandable wire sleeving. Kits include 2 possible options to attach to the OEM BMW radiator temperature switch. Each option will have a label to ensure an easy/simple installation. 

  • Installation Option 1: This kit is intended to be tapped into the existing wiring. This will allow the original auxiliary fan and the new Spal fan to both function simultaneously.

  • Installation Option 2: Vehicles without the original Aux fan, can use this harness to replace the existing pin that is being used to trigger the relay. We include a pin terminal that can be used to replace the single pin on the sensor connector.

Kits Include:

  • Relay
  • Spal-style fan connector
  • Weatherproof fuse holder
  • High-temperature wire
  • Abrasion/chemical/UV resistant wire sleeve
  • (-) terminal
  • (+) terminal
E46: The OEM fans use a PWM signal to run the fan. The temp sensor in the lower radiator hose is a sensor, not a switch, so there is no good way to activate the SPAL fan. To use our SPAL relay kit, you need to add a Temperature Switch which “closes” to a Ground signal or Switched +12v whenever your desired temperature is reached. 
If you have an extra port on the radiator, you may be able to put an E30/E36 style switch on the side of the radiator.