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Getrag G260 Rebuilt Transmission

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Each transmission is fully disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Each gear, bearing, and synchro is inspected for wear. All worn items are replaced. All seals are replaced. Transmissions are bench dyno'd for partial break-in and performance verification.

    Work Performed:
    • Complete disassembly & cleaning.
    • The housing is inspected for damage.
    • Gears and engagement components are machined for smoother engagement, less noise, and lower heat.
    • Proper gear stack and thrust settings for racing conditions and temps.
    • The input shaft, Input pocket, output shaft, and both countershaft bearings are replaced. Needle bearings are inspected for wear and replaced if necessary.
    • A few other tricks for operation, reliability, and drag reduction.

    *We have a few more G260 cores available, which we will rebuild before not offering these any longer. If you want to get one of these last few units, shoot us an email to get on the wait list. Currently turnaround time is more than 8-10 weeks. At the moment we are not accepting cores.