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Lift Pads - 4 Piece Shop Kit

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Our 4 piece Lift Pad Kit is designed with automotive shops in mind. After designing our Jack pad kits we have had requests to make a 4-piece shop version. Our Lift Pad Kits are designed to fit between the bottom of the vehicle and the lift arm on most 2 post lifts. No need for those cheap hockey pucks that break all the time. Our UHMW pads provide essential protection for commonly used jacking locations, preventing unsightly damage often caused by incorrect lifting on your e30, e36, e46, E9x or other BMW chassis.  One kit includes 4 UHMW pucks.

  • Heavy Duty UHMW
  • 2.5" Diameter
  • Oil Resistant
  • Crush Resistant
  • CNC machined in-house
  • Suitable for Most Vehicles
  • Easy to Use
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Protect the chassis & rails from getting pinched, bent, or broken