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Rear 12mm Subframe Riser Bushings + Upgraded Studs and Nuts - E30

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Solid Rear 12mm Subframe Riser Bushings are designed to extend the life of your rear tires. When you lower an E30, you will begin to wear out the insides of your rear tires due to excessive rear camber. The lower you go the bigger the problem. These solid bushings are designed to raise the rear subframe 12 millimeters to correct extreme negative camber on lowered cars. UHMW is comparable to solid aluminum mounts in stiffness, but to poly mounts in vibration.

• Reduce negative camber
• Give the tire a better contact patch to the ground
• Restore normal tire wear.

Torque studs to 25ft lbs.
Torque nuts to 40 ft lbs.

For BMW e30 (318 323 325 M3, not iX). Recommended for street or race use. Includes 2 subframe bushings, 4 differential spacers & 4 differential bolts. Pair these up with a Solid UHMW Differential Mount.