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Water Pump Stud Kit fits M20 - E30

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Replacing a water pump on an M20 engine can be a real PITA especially when it's time to line up the bolt holes to the block.  Our solution is to upgrade the OEM bolts to stainless steel studs and never worry again. Our stud kit, once installed, allows you to easily align the paper gasket & water pump. A secondary benefit of our stud kit is the additional strength for the water pump since it is exposed to lateral load from the timing belt tensioner. This is a must have upgrade for all M20 owners. We suggest you use Loctite when installing. 

Kit includes:

  • 3 Stainless steel studs

  • 3 Lock nuts

  • 3 Washers

This item fits:

    1977–1981 E12 520/6
    1979–1983 E21 320/6
    1982–1984 E28 520
    1982–1988 E28 520i
    1983–1992 E30 320i
    1988–1990 E34 520i

    1977–1982 E21 323i
    1982–1985 E30 323i

    1986–1993 E30 325i, 325iS, 325iC and 325iX
    1989–1990 E34 525i
    1988–1991 Z1

    1982–1988 E30 325/325e/325es
    1982–1988 E28 525e (or 528e in the US)