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Best Modified BMWs of 2021

Every BMW enthusiast knows that a BMW really is the ultimate driving machine. They provide a fantastic balance of comfort, handling, and power that few other manufacturers can replicate. Their cars are also the perfect platform for upgrading and building a winning competition car, which is why so many BMWs have been and continue to be modified. This list features some of the best modified BMWs of 2021, models which continue to increase in popularity and performance.

1. E36 3 Series

The E36 3 Series is the third generation of the Legendary 3 series line and has been a popular choice for modification since its release. The E36 was offered in sedan, coupe, convertible, wagon, and hatchback form, with the M3 versions produced in coupe, convertible, and sedan body styles. The E36 currently represents one of the best values in the car world, with many examples having reached the bottom of the depreciation curve. They tend to be some of the most affordable BMWs out there, making them extremely popular as track day and race cars.

The E36 platform has scored many racing victories over the decades at tracks like Daytona, Mount Panorama, and the Nürburgring. Many performance upgrades are available for these cars, with some of the most popular being performance suspension kits, upgraded brake components, wheel spacers and racing stud kits. One of the more popular performance modifications for E36 track and race cars is replacing rubber mounts and suspension bushings with stiffer components, which increases handling and allows for more aggressive driving on track. Many of these E36 performance parts are available at Condor Speed Shop.  

2. E46 3 Series

The E46 3 Series is quickly becoming one of the most popular cars to modify for track and race use. BMW’s fourth-generation 3 Series has been one of its most popular models since its introduction in 1997. The E46 was available as a two and four-door model throughout its production run, and the M3 model arrived in 2000 in coupe and convertible form. The E46 proved to be an extremely capable race car with sedans winning multiple Touring Car Championships worldwide and M3 models racing and winning in Endurance Sports Car Racing events.

The E46 is considered a car that any knowledgeable BMW enthusiast can work on, modify, and upgrade themselves. It was produced in a time regarded as the sweet spot in-between analog components and the electronic wizardry that is the new norm in the car world. Many performance parts are available from aftermarket manufacturers that have picked up where BMW Motorsport left off and have continued to develop the E46 platform. Popular upgrades include wheels, studs, brakes, and coilovers, but the best modification for track and race cars continues to be replacing old worn-out rubber mounts and bushings with high-quality UHMW components. Polycarbonate windows , lightweight  bodywork, interior components, and engine modifications continue to be popular as well, and the parts available to make many E46 performance-enhancing modifications can be found on our website.

3. E90, E91, E92, and E93 3 Series

The E90, E91, E92, and E93 3 Series, which represent multiple body styles and is collectively referred to as the E9x platform, is BMW’s fifth-generation 3 Series. Introduced in 2004 as the replacement for the E46, it was a success from the beginning with autocrossers, racers, and fans of spirited weekend drives. The E9x M3 was introduced in 2007 with a V8 engine, which was a first for the M3. Several models of the E9x featured twin-turbo six-cylinder power plants that, when modified, can put out some serious horsepower.  

Cars based on the E9x platform have also won European Touring Car Championships and have raced and won at The Nurburgring 24 Hour. Some of the most popular modifications for these BMWs include coilover suspensions, UHMW engine mounts and suspension bushings, and lightweight racing seats and steering wheels. All these parts to modify any of the E9x models can be found in our online store.

4. E30 3 Series

The BMW E30 3 Series is one of the most iconic cars of all time and is equally at home on the road or the racetrack. The second-generation 3 Series was introduced in 1982 and was produced in many body styles over the years, including the legendary E30 M3, which featured wider fenders than other E30 models. E30s have been gaining in popularity over the years and are now considered classics by many enthusiasts. They are fun to drive and easy to modify, which has made them popular for both collectors and racers.

BMW E30s have won Touring Car Championships and have multiple wins at the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring and the 24 Hours of Spa, and they are still winning today in club racing, historic racing, and budget endurance racing. Many performance parts are available for E30s and include popular safety upgrades like stainless steel brake lines and racing wheel studs. These cars are also candidates for engine swaps, and wiring harnesses are currently available for the most popular engines. Suspension upgrades are probably the most popular modification, with coilovers and stiffer sway bars a must for track cars. Every bushing and mount that left the factory with rubber components can be swapped for UHMW parts which will increase handling, and in turn decrease lap times. All these E30 parts and more can be found on our website. 

5. E34 5 Series

The E34 5 Series is BMW’s third-generation 5 series, and they all feature four doors, with many being sedans, but wagons also being available. The E34 is often considered a luxury cruiser due to its size (much larger than a contemporary 3 Series), comfortable interiors, and competent power plants, but the E34’s popularity as a car to modify and race has been growing. With the introduction of the E34 M5 in 1988, BMW showed that the E34 platform was more than capable as a performance car. The E34 never had the level of success in motorsports that the 3 Series did in that period, but they have become more popular as track cars and budget endurance racers with many performance parts available.

Some of the more popular upgrades for the E34 include upgraded plug and play engine management systems, steering wheels, seats, and shift knobs. If you plan on doing any track time, suspension bushings and mounts will need to be upgraded to UHMW parts to turn this lux-cruiser into a well-handling competition machine. These E34 parts and more are available at Condor Speed Shop to turn a well-behaved street E34 into a track monster.

Did your favorite BMW model make this list of models growing in popularity to modify? No matter what model BMW you drive, if you are interested in modifying your car with performance parts for the street or track, visit Condor Speed Shop, install the best parts available, and hit the track! 

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