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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for BMW Enthusiasts

With the holiday season upon us, are you looking for the perfect gift for the BMW owners, drivers, and enthusiast in your life?

Condor Speed Shop is your one-stop location for all things BMW: anything related to the Ultimate Driving Machine, chances are you can find it here!

We often talk to folks like you who want to surprise their friend or loved one with something meaningful related to their BMW. Sometimes they come in looking for a specific car part, but this isn’t usually the best idea. 

Surprising someone with a specific car part can be tricky because many of those items will be model-specific. When it comes to most performance parts, the car’s driver will need to make the choice that suits them best.

So, if we recommend skipping car parts, does that mean you’re out of luck? Absolutely not! Here at Condor Speed Shop, we carry a wide range of accessories and BMW-related swag in addition to performance parts. 

Check out these ideas that any BMW fan will appreciate — all available in store or online!   

Shift Knobs

OK, OK: we literally just finished telling you not to buy car parts for the BMW enthusiast in your life. But if you’re dead-set on doing so, shift knobs are a safe bet.

Condor Speed Shop’s weighted short and tall shift knobs make a great gift idea: they’re stylish  performance upgrades that will fit almost any vintage or classic BMW. (Just make sure your friend’s driving a manual transmission!)

There are two main options for the actual shift knob itself: short and tall. The right choice there depends on the driver’s preference and physical size, mostly.

Beyond size, you’ll also see several options for the cap on top (the part that shows the shift pattern). We offer many retro styles, including several that feature the iconic M colors and others that are a throwback to BMW performance tuners of the 80s. 

No matter which one you choose, a CSS shift knob is a great usable gift that will provide the recipient with many thousands of clean shifts on the street and the track. 

Gift Cards

A gift card from Condor Speed Shop is the best possible gift that a BMW enthusiast can receive —because it puts the decision squarely in the recipient’s hands. 

If they want a performance shift knob, they can get one. Or if they have their sights set on certain model-specific performance parts, your gift card will help them cover the cost. 

CSS gift cards are available in several different amounts and can simplify your holiday shopping for all your BMW friends and loved ones.  

Sweet Condor Swag

If you’d rather go for something a bit more personal than a gift card, Condor Speed Shop offers a huge selection of BMW swag.

License plate frames make a great addition to street cars and let others know that a car is built for the track. 

Most enthusiasts who are currently off-track and without a helmet really appreciate a stylish BMW motorsport themed hat that reflects their love for the brand. CSS has several hats to choose from that would fit the bill (pardon the pun!). 

We carry hats in a wide range of colors and styles, so it’s even possible to match the color and style of a hat to an enthusiast's car color and graphics.

If you want to go equal parts stylish and practical, check out our selection of CSS “drip bands.” These accessories keep brake and power steering reservoirs dry and clean while giving a car’s engine bay a real 80s or 90s vibe. 

Condor Speed Shop is constantly adding new products and designs, so check out all the available swag

BMW Apparel

Everyone likes clothing related to their hobbies and interests, so a T-shirt from Condor Speed Shop is the perfect gift for any BMW fan. CSS offers several t-shirts, both long and short sleeve in several styles. 

Our retro T-shirts boast a slick vintage speed shop vibe, and others feature some of the most iconic BMW track cars of all time, such as the E36 and E46 M3. 

Whether your friend or special someone is at a track day, car show, out just out buying groceries, a T-shirt from Condor Speed Shop is a stylish way to show off their love for performance BMWs.

Everything mentioned in today’s post is available right now on our website. So be sure to check out our online store, your one-stop shop for BMW performance parts and motorsport-related swag! 


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