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Best Performance Parts for BMW Street Cars

Best Performance Parts for BMW Street Cars

Get the Best BMW Upgrade with Our Aftermarket Parts

Are you a BMW enthusiast who is looking to upgrade your daily driver? With a lot of options for modification available, you may be wondering where to begin when it comes to finding the best performance parts or other BMW replacement parts available for your street car. Well, good news, Condor Speed Shop has the parts for you! 

Having a street car that can be used on the track is the dream of many motorsport enthusiasts. It seems at any track day event, you will find multiple generations of BMW machines, engine swapped E30's, track prepped E36’s twin turbo E92’s, and everything in between, all to be pushed to their limits. Many of these cars feature not just BMW performance parts but aftermarket parts as well, and the transition from stock street car to performance track car can be a tricky process, but this list will put you in the right direction. Keep on reading to learn more about how brakes, suspension systems, BMW engines, wheels & tires, and steering & shifting are some of the best BMW performance upgrades you can get!

Brakes Upgrades

bmw brakes

The first big BMW performance upgrade is one that makes a lot of sense from a safety standpoint, brakes! If you want to go faster, you need upgraded brakes that will complement your upgraded performance. That’s right. When it comes to performance driving, stopping is more important than going!

Track ready brake pads and a fresh set of rotors are a good start but don’t forget to upgrade your brake lines as well. Replacing the stock lines with good quality American made stainless steel brake lines will improve safety and performance and will also be a good excuse to do a full brake fluid change, which is an often overlooked maintenance issue on street cars. This is not an area where you can afford to go cheap with low quality brake lines. Get the best that are out there, Safety First!

Suspension Parts - Bushings & Coilovers

Now that your BMW is stopping on a dime, it’s time to get the ultimate suspension upgrades. While converting to a coilover suspension is a popular choice, one of the best performance upgrades you can make is fitting new bushings to the front and rear suspension for improved handling. These components originally utilized rubber from the BMW factory, which allows for more movement than you will want on a track car, and they wear out and degrade over time.

Upgrading control arm bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, rear subframe bushings, and differential bushings with solid UHMW bushings (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) instead of factory rubber bushings will improve your BMW’s handling and stiffness at any track day or performance driving event. While you can purchase all the various upgraded suspension bushings individually, you can save a few bucks by purchasing them in a Condor Parts Combo. Any serious driver will want to replace them all eventually, so getting them at a discount all at one time makes sense.

BMW Engines - Engine & Transmission Mounts

bmw engine mount

Just like BMW factory rubber suspension bushings wear out over time and need to be replaced, the BMW engine mounts and transmission mounts also wear out and collapse over time and require replacement for optimal performance. Factory engine and transmission mounts have some flex due to their construction, and as they begin to deteriorate, you will start to feel more and more vibration, up to the point where at idle, it can feel like your engine is misfiring. The worse the rubber mounts get, the less responsive your engine will feel under acceleration and braking, so upgrading your mounts is an easy and affordable way to increase handling and a get a more powerful engine.

Replacing the factory BMW mounts with PolyurethaneUHMW, or solid Aluminum parts is the way to go, as they are a superior product over OEM parts because they will last longer and increase your cars responsiveness on track. Like with suspension bushings, you can replace your mounts one at a time, but by ordering them as part of a Parts Combo, you will save money that can go towards other improvements!

Wheels and Tires

bmw wheel

Tires play a big role in performance driving, so by default, wheels do too. Having high performance tires and wheels will make a big difference, and aftermarket wheels are another popular upgrade for performance minded BMW drivers. Many drivers prefer a more aggressive stance than what was available from the factory, and you can achieve this by installing wheel spacers and upgrading to a race stud kit. Replacing your wheel studs can also be viewed as a safety upgrade, and the addition of wheel spacers will widen the track width and improve on-track performance.

Most BMWs came from the factory with lug bolts instead of studs and nuts, so replacing these will also help speed up wheel changes. The studs and spacers you choose will depend on the BMW model you are upgrading and the wheel and tire package you decide, but no matter what you are running, wheels, tires, spacers, race studs, and new lug nuts are a great performance upgrade for your BMW

Steering and Shifting

bmw steering parts

All of the performance upgrades we have listed so far are suspension/under the hood, but making changes inside the cockpit are some of the best and easiest modifications you can make. Replacing your stock steering wheel with a high quality replacement is always a good move, and the keyword here is high quality.

OMP makes some of the best steering wheels in the world, and pro racers and weekend warriors alike trust them. They have many shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that suits your preferences. Paired with a quick-release hub for easy removal and installation, this is not only a good piece of motorsports hardware that will aid in any track day experience, but it is also a stylish upgrade!

If you have to take a hand off of the wheel, it’s most likely because you have to shift up or down a gear. Upgrading your shift lever and knob will increase your driving experience as well. Upgrading to a chassis mount shifter will make selecting gears easier and faster. Going with your personal preference when it comes to the style of shift knob (short or tall) and fresh shift bushings will aid in responsiveness and improve your comfort while pushing your car to the limit.

Go for it!

All of the upgrades listed here rank as some of the best modifications you can make to increase performance. These parts are just a few clicks away. Most of these are parts that any knowledgeable BMW enthusiast who enjoys working on his car can install themselves, or you can support your favorite local garage. Just tell them you want the best BMW performance parts available. Condor Speed Shop offers how-to guides, articles about customer’s cars, amazing photography, and links to all of their social media sites which are worth a follow. Check them out, upgrade your street car with the best performance parts available, and most importantly head to your local track!


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