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Condor Speed Shop’s Top 10 BMW Performance Parts Combos

BMW cars are engineered from the factory to be the ultimate driving machine. They combine the perfect level of comfort and performance that has earned an enthusiast's following like no other.  While BMWs are amazing machines, they will eventually need components replaced for two main reasons. One reason is that parts wear out over time and need to be replaced, and the other is replacing a stock component with one that provides a performance upgrade. 

All our engine mounts and suspension bushings are sold in pairs, so you can replace both sides by default when upgrading to Condor. With many repairs, it also makes sense to replace those “while you’re in there” parts while you have the car apart. If you are making upgrades, especially to the suspension, you will want to replace as many consumable parts as possible without breaking the bank. The good news is that Condor Speed Shop , which allows you to purchase related parts at a discountThis will help you accomplish your performance goals and save some money in the process. 

Listed below are several of the most popular parts combos available at Condor Speed Shop:

1. The Specialist

This parts combo focuses on the rear suspension of the BMW E9x platform (E90, E91, E92, and E93 models). It contains rear subframe and differential bushings made from high-quality UHMW  (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), which offer a performance and reliability upgrade over stock rubber bushings. Replacing these rear suspension parts will significantly improve handling

2. The Skyway

The Skyway combo contains bushings and mounts for the popular E46 . It includes engine and trans mounts, control arm and rear trailing arm bushings (RTAB), and rear subframe and diff bushings, pretty much everything you need to replace the worn suspension and drivetrain components on an E46 and upgrade the old stock rubber components high-quality UHMW parts. By purchasing these parts together instead of individually, you will save $80 that you can put towards future performance upgrades.  

3. The Heretic

The Heretic combo  E30 3 Series cars that have been engine swapped with an updated  powerplant. It contains all the good suspension upgrades like UHMW control arm bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, subframe and diff bushings, engine and trans mounts designed specifically for six-cylinder engine.  

4. The Cruiser

The Cruiser is a parts combo for E30. It contains everything needed to rebuild or upgrade your E30 suspension, such as engine and trans mounts, control arm and trailing arm bushings, and diff bushings. It also contains 12mm riser for the rear subframe, which help reduce negative camber to reduce tire wear on street and cars.  

5. The Spec

This parts combo is one of the most popular for E30  It contains and trans mounts, control arm and trailing arm bushings, subframe bushings, and diff mounts all made from UHMW to improve handling and responsiveness. also contains a power steering delete for your E30 and offers engine mounts for six or four-cylinder engines.  

6. The Tranny Combo

This is one of the most popular parts combos for  If you are going to do  engine swap on a car, Transmission mounts can be ordered in UHMW or polyurethane and a must-have upgrading an E30’s drivetrain. 

7. The Bluebird

The Bluebird parts combo contains everything you need to upgrade the suspension on an E36 3 Series. It includes control arm and trailing arm bushings, rear subframe bushings, and diff mounts, all made of high-quality UHMW. There are several options to choose from with this combo, including different style control arm bushings, which will allow you to really dial in your cars responsiveness on the street or track.  

8. The Sleeper

This parts combo also focuses on the E36 and includes everything you need to upgrade your car's suspension, including the option to upgrade to E46 style control arm bushings, but takes it a step further by including engine and transmission mounts for four or six-cylinder versions. All these bushing and mounts are made of UHMW and will help increase your car's responsiveness. This is the most popular parts combo available for E36 BMWs.

9. The Big Sur

The Big Sur is the most popular parts combo available for the E46. This combo contains rear subframe bushings,  rear trailing arm bushings, and diff mounts all made of UHMW. If you are replacing any parts under the back half of your E46, this is the parts combo for you! By replacing and upgrading these components, you will increase the stability and firmness of your rear suspension and improve overall handling.  

10. The Blackbird

The Blackbird is the most popular parts combo available from Condor Speed Shop, and it’s no big surprise that it contains performance parts for the E30 3 Series. The E30 is one of the most iconic BMW of all time and one of the most popular track cars to modify and race. This combo contains everything you need to improve and update your E30’s rear suspension, including subframe bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, and diff mounts all made of UHMW. This kit also gives you the option to the 12mm subframe riser, which will allow you to reduce tire wear and

Save Money with Condor Speed Shop as You Upgrade Your BMW

All the parts combos listed will help you save money as you upgrade the performance and reliability of your BMW. Condor Speed Shop offers many more combos besides the ones listed here, so check them out on our website. Order your parts, install them or have your favorite independent BMW shop install them for you, and hit the track!

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