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Top 5 BMW E9X Performance Parts

BMW's fifth-generation 3 Series arrived in 2005 to replace the much-loved E46. This new model consisted of the E90 sedan, E91 station wagon, E92 coupe, and E93 convertible. These four body styles collectively make up what is known to BMW enthusiasts as the E9x 3 Series. The new 3 Series platform introduced several firsts, including a turbocharged engine found in the 335i and a naturally aspirated V8 in the New M3. The E9X also carried on BMW Motorsports' success in GT, Endurance, and Touring Car racing. It was the last 3 Series model with an "E" designation and was replaced by new 3 and 4 Series models by 2013.  

The E9x BMWs were popular to modify and upgrade from day one, and now that these cars have had a decade to be developed and improved, many track-tested performance parts have become available for them. Whether you are looking to upgrade your daily driver or are looking to build an Endurance Race winner, these top E9X performance parts will help you accomplish your goals on and off the track.

1. Suspension

Performance suspension parts will top the list of anyone modifying and upgrading an E9x BMW. One of the most popular aftermarket upgrades are coilover kits which replace your car's stock suspension, allowing  you to raise and lower the ride height of a vehicle. This upgrade is ideal for anyone who is looking to give their street car the perfect stance, or their race car more grip. Once installed, street tuners can easily adjust ride heights to experiment with what looks and feels best.

Any serious track junkie will want to dial in their suspension to improve handling, so coilovers are also very popular on cars that will see track time and are a must-have for race cars. Condor Speed Shop carries several premium coilover kits from brands like KW, Öhlins, and AST.

The E9x was a comfortable and competent car straight from the factory, but BMW used many rubber bushings and mounts which wear out over time due to stress and heat. Rubber components such as subframe bushings and differential mounts will eventually need to be replaced, and most enthusiasts will choose to upgrade to a stiffer material to reduce deflection. Performance bushings made out of UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) are the perfect replacements for a track-prepped BMW. They will not only improve handling and responsiveness but also will not wear out like stock rubber parts.

Many other suspension parts are available for E9x BMWs, including SPL adjustable tie rods, tie rod ends, endlinks, and toe arms.   

2. Shifters

A popular option for a BMW has always been a manual transmission, and even the newest M4 can be purchased with a manual. A car's shifter is one of the few components that a driver has direct active control over, and perfect shifts are needed to not only get a good lap time but also to preserve the lifespan of the transmission. So it's no surprise that shift knobs and chassis shifters are some of the most popular performance upgrades.  

Shift knobs see a lot of wear and tear, and with all E9X BMWs now being at least a decade old, a new shift knob will be both a performance and stylish upgrade. A weighted shift knob will help achieve smoother and cleaner shifts, and depending on your driving style and personal preferences, tall- or short-weighted knobs are available. Weighed knobs available at Condor Speed Shop are well designed and feel great, any BMW fan will appreciate.  

While on the subject of classic BMW style, several different shifter caps are available that will allow you to customize your shift knob to match your interior. Shift boots and e-brake boots are also available in classic BMW Motorsport colors and M designs and patterns, and while these boots might not give your car any added horsepower, they will set you apart from the crowd at any car show or on track day.

For E9x Bimmers that are being built into serious track day and competition cars, a Chassis Mount Race Shifter is the best gear shift performance upgrade available. Made out of the highest quality CNC machined aluminum, these racing short shifters allow for precision shifting. They even feature an auto self-centering mechanism that reduces the chance of missing a shift and damaging an engine.  

3. Exhaust

For any track-prepped BMW that has the N52 six-cylinder engine, and is looking for more horsepower, the best exhaust upgrade available are Condor’s tig-welded stainless steel headers. Condor's headers are handmade right here in the USA out of aircraft-grade stainless steel and feature a lifetime warranty. They are a direct bolt-on replacement and retain the stock O2 sensors. 

While they look good under the hood, they can also add up to 25+ horsepower and even more when paired with an engine tune and other performance modifications. Condor Speed Shop's own 330i race car uses this exact part, and you can upgrade your E9x 3 Series with it as well.

4. Brakes

Many BMWs are upgraded because a driver wants their car to handle better and go faster, but with higher speeds and faster acceleration comes an increase in the need to slow down and stop efficiently, making brakes an important piece of the puzzle.  Upgrades in the name of safety are the best upgrades that can be made on any car, and E9x Bimmers are no different. 

Racing brake pads and rotors are a popular choice, and replacing them will make a noticeable difference in your car's stopping ability. Brake caliper guides can also be replaced on an E9x's stock caliper with brass bushings which eliminate twisting under a heavy load. But the best performance parts for a car's braking system are stainless steel brake lines.  

Replacing your car's stock brake lines with stainless steel braided brake lines might not make a difference that you will immediately feel, but the improved safety of this performance upgrade is something that you will never want to be without. Having your brakes fail due to a leaking line or fitting is a dangerous place to find yourself on a weekend drive or in the middle of an endurance race, which is why this upgrade is so important for street and track cars.  

Condor Speed Shop has the best stainless steel braided brake lines on the market. Produced by BrakeQuip for over 20 years, these brake lines are made in the USA not far from Condor Speed Shop's Florida headquarters.  

5. Wheels & Wheel Accessories

Wheels and wheel accessories are some of the easiest performance parts to install, and they can make a more significant difference visually than any part we have mentioned so far. Wheels are available in many sizes, weights, and styles, so you can choose what will work best. Drivers looking for a competitive edge on the track will want lightweight wheels and pair them with a good race tire like the Toyo Proxes RR. 

If you’re looking to widen your wheelbase to gain an on-track advantage or are just looking for the perfect stance, wheel spacers make a popular performance modification. Condor Speed Shop carries multiple wheel spacers that will work on many BMW models and are made of the best quality aerospace aluminum alloy. If you plan on running wheel spacers, then you will also want to upgrade your wheel studs.

Replacing lug bolts with longer racing studs will allow you to run larger spacers and make tire changes quicker and easier. Condor carries the best and safest wheel studs and lug nuts available.  They’re a must for any track car and look great on a daily driver E9x. 

The Best BMW Performance Parts on the Market


There are more high-quality aftermarket parts available for the E9X than ever before. If you’re looking to upgrade your E9x 3 Series or any other BMW, check out what Condor Speed Shop has to offer.

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