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Angle kits and drift-worthy applications for BMW 3 Series models

Angle kits and drift-worthy applications for BMW 3 Series models

Drifting has become one of the world’s fastest growing forms of motorsport for many reasons. Parts availability for various platforms and low barrier to entry are just a couple of reasons why many petrolheads and enthusiasts find themselves sliding on the weekends in the same cars they’ll drive to work that following Monday.

Of the many modifications on a build sheet for these cars, an “angle kit” might be the most important when it comes to the car’s suspension and handling capabilities on track. Adding steering angle and accommodating additional negative camber can be crucial for both the style and technical applications; and for the 3 series BMW platforms, Condor Speed Shop has these bases covered with many parts to help complement the needs of everyone from the daily drifter to the Formula D pros. 

Starting with the basics 

It’s a good idea to use a bulletproof material on all of the car's mounts and bushings when planning to drift your BMW. Condor has this covered with the use of UHMW; a self lubricating plastic which comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, they also carry aluminum engine and transmission mounts of the same elite level of quality and integrity.  

Steering/Control arms

Drifting is truly based on a car's front end capabilities. In addition to simply adding angle with bolt on kits, it is important that all of the attached parts are both reliable and appropriately dialed in. Condor Speed Shop offers a number of different control arm options as well as steering upgrades to help take a 3 series front end from a sloppy school-bus steering mess to a precise, agile masterpiece.

Depending on the 3 series of choice, there are different options available here. For example both E30 and E36’s would greatly benefit from Condor’s E46 Conversion Bushings, which will assist in retrofitting non M E46 control arms to the older chassis’. This will add a good deal of negative camber to the front suspension, creating more clearance for a number of angle kits and different wheel options, as well as accommodating for additional front grip. Style and vanity points are also a welcomed effect. 

These bushings, and their oem styled counterparts come in both “trackcab” and standard lollipop styles. The trackcab application is a bit more compact, clearing even more space for engine swaps and additional angle, whereas the oem style bushing can be pressed into new or existing lollipops.This modification necessitates the use of E36 outer tie rods and E9X (2WD) inner tie rods. 

E46’s can actually benefit from an inverted application of this same modification, retrofitting E36 control arms instead. This helps convert the front end to adapt to more easily available and straight forward aftermarket angle kits that apply to the E36; the most popular choice for drifters of all levels. These bushings are built to adapt to the oem, non M E46 lollipops, and can come pressed into new carriers as well. They are also available in offset and centered geometries, which further helps the user determine caster angles based on wheel and angle kit options. They are also available in the trackccab format, which again, offers even more additional clearance.

In addition to the control arm bushings, Condor offers a few options to upgrade steering components on the various chassis. For the E30’s and E36’s they offer a steering shaft conversion kit, which replaces everything in between the steering column and steering rack with a single shaft and 2 U-joints, built specifically for track/drift use. This well built upgrade will sharpen the steering feel immensely and make every input that much more precise. Additionally, this modification also allows for the necessary clearance required for V8 swaps on both platforms.

For the E46, they offer a similar replacement U-Joint which replaces the factory pieces which tend to wear and cause additional play over time. 

Brake Lines/Engine Mount Accommodations

When applying all of these upgrades and modifications, there is a chain reaction of attached components that need to be addressed. One which is impossible to ignore are the brake lines, which if utilizing additional angle and camber will need to be longer than stock. 

Condor offers a one stop solution for the E30, E36 and E46 chassis with extended lines; built to adapt to even the most extreme angle kits.

Their stainless steel brake lines are very well crafted to the highest standards, and also come with a lifetime warranty. They are a no brainer upgrade for any BMW, let alone drift specific builds. Compared to stock style rubber lines, you will absolutely notice an improved pedal feel, let alone the ease and peace of mind adapting to whatever camber/lock kit is available. 

On the engine mount side, Condor offers a variety of options for the drifter.

In addition to their mounts keeping things in check performance wise, they offer an engine riser kit which helps with clearing the oil pan for those out there running as low as possible for maximum style. 

They also offer Swap Mounts for E30’s adapting later M5X BMW engines, as well as M20+20 “Riser Mounts”, which offer the same additional 20mm of clearance as the engine riser kits..

With all of these options, it's no wonder Condor Speed Shop has long been a one stop shop for drifters worldwide when building their BMW’s. From the smallest pedal bushings to brake lines to steering shaft kits to engine mounts and everything in between, Condor has a lot to offer the drift build at any budget and level of expertise.  

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