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UHMW FCAB Difference - Night and Day

UHMW FCAB Difference - Night and Day

You shake hands with the seller, slap your tag on and hop on the highway to get the car home. Something feels a bit uneasy. Perhaps there’s even a wobble in the steering wheel at certain speeds. There’s certainly some play there which you subconsciously swept under the rug when initially inspecting the car. You start running the numbers in your head while driving. How many man hours? How much will parts cost?  How to reap forgiveness for needing parts after just spending a good deal of money on the car itself?

You get home, settle down and start surfing forums and internet groups for answers. 

Consensus is reached. You need to replace your control arm bushings. 

For someone new to the hobby this may even seem a little intimidating, but not to worry, a low cost and convenient solution is closer than you think.

BMW’s E30, E36 and E46 3 series’ front suspension setups are all very similar; where a single control arm is linked to the chassis via an OEM rubber bushing. Given that these control arms and their bushings are the cohesive link to the car’s steering, their condition is crucial for both safety and drivability. 

This is where Condor Speed Shop comes in. 

Where OEM/replacement bushings are made out of rubber, Condor Speed Shop’s are made from a self lubricating plastic called UHMW. Learn more about UHMW. Best of all, they come with a lifetime warranty. 

The OEM/rubber bushings are indeed a wearable item that when exposed to the elements and just normal driving conditions can crack and deteriorate over time. You could argue that literally any vehicle would benefit from such an upgrade as Condor provides. 

Some things to consider:

  • Condor’s solid control arm bushings have no downside in terms of comfort while only improving and elongating performance and reliability.
  • Condor’s solid control arms bushings minimize deflection and are optimal for consistent alignment within the car’s suspension and steering. 
  • Condor offers a lifetime guarantee as they do on all of their bushings and mounts. Road, track, terrain; all handled with ease with no worry of wear and tear.

Condor offers these bushings in both centered and offset geometry for the E30, E36 and E46 chassis, allowing for the option of additional caster should that be desired in a more aggressive/track style setup. Additionally, they offer a few different options for “conversion  bushings” should one be looking to add camber or angle to any of the aforementioned 3 series platforms.

Replacing the control arm bushings on all of these chassis’ is a relatively easy DIY task which can be accomplished with just a few simple tools. Condor Speed Shop also offers the convenience of an option for the bushings to come pre-pressed into OEM carriers to avoid the necessity of pressing the old bushings out. You can find that service here.

The before/after difference from worn rubber to Condor is truly night and day.

It is almost unbelievable that such a small part can make such a difference in how a car handles. 

So, if you’re sitting there, crafting a build sheet, excited about what’s to come for your new toy, consider starting with Condor Speed Shop for your CAB’s and all of your bushing needs. “Track tested, street approved” will go a long way for the life of your BMW. Check out Condor Control Arm Bushings [here]

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Frank Caruso - January 20, 2023

Upgraded the suspension on my 2000 Z3 with H&R springs and Bilstien B8 shocks and struts.
The rear suspension was bottoming out and going through the shock travel.
I add a set of Condor rear spring spacers and completely fixed the problem! An inexpensive solution to a big problem.

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