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Hydraulic Components - High Performing Condor Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch Lines

Hydraulic Components - High Performing Condor Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch Lines

The most crucial element to any vehicle’s overall performance and reliability is its braking and hydraulic system. Without a high standard of quality here, no other upgrades or modifications will matter very much. Different styles of cars will demand different requirements from these systems, however, one universal truth that covers everything from daily driven street cars to high performing racing cars is that their brake and clutch lines must be in good condition in order for these systems to function properly.

Nearly all road cars' hydraulic brake and clutch lines are made from multi-layered rubber hoses. These hoses contain layers of teflon for the inner tubing and kevlar for structural support. As vehicle’s age, these materials will wear out causing the lines to deform, bloat and/or crack. This can seriously compromise the safety of the vehicle and naturally, the braking performance will suffer. This performance drop is due to the fact that expanded lines make the transfer of the braking energy from the pedal to the caliper less efficient.

We at Condor Speed Shop have designed and engineered our stainless steel brake and clutch lines to optimize performance and last the lifetime of your BMW.

Like OEM replacements, our lines are also constructed of multiple layers with one of the main differences being the middle layer. This portion is constructed using a stronger and more durable stainless steel braid. This makes them resistant to expansion resulting in an efficient and consistent transfer of the braking energy into the caliper for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Brake lines are exposed to all types of exterior forces including impact, abrasion, high heat and high pressure. All of these conditions are taken into account when our lines are designed, manufactured and tested. Our lines are pressure tested to almost 3x the working pressures of any BMW’s braking system prior to shipment to help ensure safety and performance. Those same tests have shown that our braided stainless steel lines expand 50% less than brand new OEM replacement hoses at 1500 psi. Furthermore, that pressure exceeds the maximum BMW braking pressures of 1200 psi, resulting in consistent pedal feel and overall performance.

Our clutch lines undergo that same process and are tested to those same specifications, making them a must-have item particularly for performance oriented builds. Pedal feel is important when driving in a competitive environment and that includes the feel of the clutch pedal which influences the speed and accuracy of upshifts, downshifts and a driver’s overall confidence in the car. Installing a braided clutch line is a simple way to ensure that none of those areas will be compromised over time and will provide added insurance to the hydraulic system as a whole. When considering new brake lines, it’s always a good idea to add a clutch line to that mix. It would be a shame to have replaced all the brake lines, flushed and bled the fluid only to potentially have a single, small, worn out clutch line leak a short time later.

At the request of our customers we have also developed extended brake lines for the E30, E36 and E46 chassis. These braided stainless lines are designed to accommodate front lock and wide-angle kits. OEM length lines will be too short and can be over extended when paired with those types of steering upgrades, where our extended lines are long enough to work with even the most extreme angle kits, coupling their high performance with additional safety and convenience for a drift car at any level.

In addition to our catalog of brake and clutch lines for BMW’s, we also offer a selection of Motul Dot 4 Fully Synthetic Brake Fluids. These include the RBF 600 and RBF 660 specifications. The RBF 600 is an ideal high performance fluid for street cars and drift cars, and the 660 is even more robust and is considered optimal for extreme racing conditions.

These formulas are designed to resist the extreme heat generated by both steel and ceramic braking systems and are formulated to exceed DOT 3.1 and DOT 5 standards.

We at Condor Speed Shop are proud that so many of our parts are used on race tracks, skid pads and rally stages all over the world. When engineering and designing all of our products, we prioritize the fact that our customers will want to be competitive in whatever types of motorsport they choose to participate in. With that concept in mind, the optimization of the car’s hydraulic systems is a top priority and we are proud to offer stainless steel braided lines for so many widely used BMW’s.


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