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SPAL Fans - Vital Cooling System Upgrades for your BMW

SPAL Fans - Vital Cooling System Upgrades for your BMW

These record breaking summertime heat waves might have you rethinking the cooling setup on your track car or street build. As far as fans are concerned; for modified, high-power applications an upgraded/aftermarket fan is usually the only viable option. This is especially true for classic BMW’s with engine swaps and ambitious power output numbers through engine modifications. We at Condor know how crucial it is to have only the best options available for these cars which demand a reliable, high performing cooling system. This is why we proudly offer SPAL Electric Fans to fit most BMW applications.

SPAL Automotive has been a world leader in manufacturing electric fans and blowers since 1959. Made in Italy, they have been selling and distributing their products within the US from their American headquarters in Iowa since 1989. Their adaptability to classic and modern performance BMW’s is a perfect fit due to the high level of cooling efficiency these engines demand.

The electric fan in most cars is one of the most crucial components within a cooling system. In most stock/oem cars, an electric-pusher fan is positioned in front of the radiator and works in combination with a belt driven clutch fan to cool the car down by spinning at various speeds based on the conditions, cooling demands and HVAC settings. This fan will compensate for the lack of cool air flow in traffic and when sitting still, spinning at its fastest speeds when air is not naturally flowing through the radiator. For swapped and modified cars, OEM electric fans are sometimes removed due to space constrictions, and clutch fans are removed to free up horsepower. An aftermarket solution provides benefits in minimizing the loss of the radiator’s frontal area, keeping its cooling efficiency as high as possible. Optimal placement behind the radiator eliminates the amount of impact on the airflow at high speeds. All of these factors will help ensure the consistent and reliable performance needed for high performing street and track cars making SPAL fans an ideal choice for those applications.

We offer Spal fans in 3 different sizes and each has different specifications. The main thing to consider when choosing one is engine-to-radiator clearance and airflow demands, so check the measurements & specs for each of the fans we offer. Their flow is measured in units of Cubic Feet Per Minute, and naturally, the larger the fan, the more air flow it will provide.

In addition to the fans themselves, we also manufacture accommodating products to help make their application and installation a breeze. We currently offer 2 different styles of mounting brackets, one works with regular sized radiator setups and one specifically designed to work with low profile M-Coupe radiators.

Speaking of radiators, we also offer CSF high performance aluminum radiators for E30, E36 and E46 platforms. These are popular and efficient drop-in upgrades for the classic 3-series BMW’s.

To make installs even easier, we have designed a plug and play SPAL wiring harness, designed to work with any of the fans we offer and to optimize installation and ensure they perform as intended on your BMW. These take all of the guesswork out of wiring one up the old fashioned way and will save a lot of time when checking all of these cooling components off of your list.

Those who know BMW, know the importance of efficiency when it comes to a car’s cooling setup. We at Condor understand this which is why we are proud to design, sell and manufacture parts to upgrade all of your BMW’s cooling system needs. Do you have any questions regarding the best cooling setup for your BMW? Drop a comment or reach out to us any time via email at

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