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Condor Polycarbonate Windows, Door Cards and Splitter Panels

Condor Polycarbonate Windows, Door Cards and Splitter Panels

When building a race car, the primary goal is almost always to reduce as much weight as possible within the rule set. This includes the removal of all unnecessary OEM interior panels, thinning of the wiring harness, removal of glass in the doors, and sometimes, depending on the race series, the 1/4 windows and rear windshield. After removing these heavy components, they need to be replaced with lightweight parts, and that's where Condor parts come in. Our catalog includes a full range of polycarbonate window options for E10, E21, E30, E34, E36, E46, and E9X, as well as ABS door cards for E30, Z3, and E10 (2002).

Why polycarbonate in place of factory glass?

First of all, polycarbonate will not shatter. It is up to 200 times stronger and 50 percent lighter than glass. It is 30 times stronger than acrylic plastic(plexiglass) and offers much better temperature resistance under extreme heat and cold. Couple these attributes with improved UV protection and it’s no wonder why race cars of all kinds, in every discipline opt for polycarbonate windows when allowed to do so.

Many racing series require the removal of all door and quarter windows and in some cases even the rear windshield for competitors to meet regulation requirements. This improves safety for the drivers and track workers but also creates the obvious problem of needing to replace these parts for aerodynamic purposes, logistical reasons or in some cases the driver’s comfort.

In the case of the door windows, our polycarbonate replacements are simply installed in place of the factory glass and held in place with pins. These are easily removable so that they can be used as needed and removed when driving if desired. For customers who would like to keep them permanently installed, we also offer slider kit add-on options for most front door windows so that the window can remain installed when driving and the driver can utilize the slider panel to let air in when needed.

Our rear windshields and quarter windows are installed either with rivets or the factory window seals and are designed to be permanently affixed once installed. The rear quarter windows also come with the option of adding a NACA duct cutout to channel air through the inlet and flexible Neoprene Ducting which we also offer here. Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with our lightweight windows.

Condor Door Cards

Our door cards are CNC cut from textured ABS plastic to perfectly match the shape and contour of the inner door panel. They are designed to seamlessly integrate with the door's contours, without appearing bulky or intrusive. Additionally, they are lightweight and have an appealing textured appearance, enhancing any interior. Condor door cards come with precut holes for door latches and can be ordered with pull straps. Our functional pull straps and rosettes are made from an attractive red nylon, adding both style and practicality to any track car. These are a great option for any race car build as well as a street car enthusiast looking for a stylish alternative to factory door panels.

Splitter Panels

In addition to our door cards and polycarbonate windows, we also provide a few different aero options for BMWs which we manufacture right here in sunny south Florida. We currently have splitters available for both the E30 M3, and E9X / E8X platforms. Our E30 M3 splitter is based on the original EVO 3 adjustable splitter which was developed to increase downforce without limiting top speed. These are designed in two pieces and attach to the factory EVO 3 undertray. They function and adjust just like the original pieces from BMW.

Our E9X/E8X splitter is a new product, recently designed for a bespoke aero kit which we developed for our Spec E9X build to compete within Gridlife’s GLTC class for the 2023 season. This splitter also serves as a fully optimized aerodynamic piece made from a high-quality resin-impregnated MDO material. Splitters are made-to-order and we can accommodate different sizes for customers who must meet specific requirements for their racing class or series.

We take great pride in our precision-cut polycarbonate windows, ABS door cards, and functional aero pieces. Depending on the nature of your build, these components can be applied to improve your track-focused BMW's performance and looks. Whether it’s a drift car, endurance racer, time attack car, or an aggressive all-out street car, these functional parts are useful for anyone looking to optimize their classic BMW.

Have you recently used our windows, door cards, or splitters in your race car? If so, we'd love to hear how much weight you have managed to save in your build. Let us know in the comments or send us an email at

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