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Condor Shifting Components Deep-Dive

Condor Shifting Components Deep-Dive

Your shifter is one of the most frequently used components in your BMW. Whether you realize it or not, the condition, feel and overall function of this component is crucial to a car's overall performance, image, and appeal. A sloppy shifter can really alter your perception of an otherwise well-sorted car. We at Condor Speed Shop recognize this; which is why we offer a varied line of shifting components and upgrades suitable for everyone from the everyday enthusiast to the highly competitive racer. If you are looking to restore, improve, and/or upgrade one of the most vital elements of your BMW, we are sure to have the parts you will need for the job.

Shift Knobs

Not only is a car's shift knob integral to its overall performance but it can also make or break the appearance of an interior. A stylish shift knob can be a great way to enhance an interior and there are a few options we have to offer.

Our tall-weighted shift knob has been a best seller for many years and offers the perfect balance of OEM+ style, interior flare, and upgraded performance. We developed it with the classic BMW “mushroom” design style that has been implemented in many OEM performance and race cars since the mid-1960s. Weighing in at 244 grams (8.6 oz) it comes equipped with a 100-gram (3.5 oz) weight which can be removed if a lighter feel is desired. The height positions the knob in the perfect location in relation to the steering wheel so that shifts can be efficient and drivers can keep both hands gripped to the steering wheel as much as possible. Finished in sleek black Delrin, these are a great option when dialing in the look and feel of your BMW.

Similar to the tall knob in style is our “shorty” knob. It has a lower profile than the tall knob with a similar look and weighted feel. Weighing in at 189 grams (just over 6.5 oz), the shorty fits perfectly in the driver’s hand and offers a precise and crisp shifter feel, perfect for those looking for a more subtle interior flare coupled with improved performance.

Third in our line up of shift knobs is our new “roundie” knob. This knob features a sleek teardrop-shaped design, differentiating itself from our tall and shorty knobs. Weighing in at 85 grams (3 oz), this knob also fits perfectly to the driver's palm and offers a truly timeless look that suits BMWs from all eras.

All of these knobs come paired with your choice of shifter cap. We have a variety of designs and patterns to choose from, all inspired by BMW’s most iconic interior trims.

Chassis-Mounted Shifters

Chassis-mounted shifters have become very popular over the years. Though they are considered a “racing product”, they have become a common modification for street cars as well. Our chassis-mounted shifter eliminates the use of a shifter carrier and instead mounts directly to the transmission tunnel. This design does not allow the shifter to float within the driveline and does not utilize any bushings or mounts which would yield some flex or play within the shifter assembly. This shifter also features a 3-way adjustable pivot point, resulting in precise calibration of the shift-throw. This design also allows for more optimal placement of the gear knob in relation to the steering wheel, perfectly efficient for racing applications. Another great feature is that you can run any combination of our shift knobs and shifter caps with these chassis-mounted shifter assemblies, allowing for even more optimization both technically and visually.

Shift Rebuild Components

If you have owned a manual BMW, chances are you have experienced your fair share of shifter sloppiness. The rubber bushings within these factory shifter assemblies tend to wear out over time, causing unwanted play and vagueness which is exactly why we developed our line of shifter carrier bushings. When coupled with the OEM shifter cup, clips, and washers, these simple rebuild kits can be an affordable and easy way to transform the feel of your BMW. The best part is, that these will outlast rubber bushings by far and keep the gear changes enjoyable and crisp for many miles down the road.

Shift Boots, E-Brake Boots, and Trim Rings 

Now that we have addressed all of our internal components, it’s time for the finishing touch. Our line of Shift and E-Brake boots are made from high-quality fabric weave with a variety of patterns, stitched locally down here in sunny South Florida. Available patterns include Mtech, Black Suede, M-Rain, M-Hurricane, and more, all of which are inspired by BMW’s most memorable interior themes. Fitment is available for many of the classic 3 and 5 series platforms, and with the variety of colors and patterns available, there is sure to be a match for your BMW.

These boots also pair well with our shift boot trim rings. These rings have been developed to replace the commonly worn and brittle plastic rings surrounding OEM shift boots. They are tested under extreme temperatures and will not warp or flex over time. Made from NYLONX carbon fiber infused filament, these rings are durable as can be and they are the perfect option to help complete your full shifter refresh.

There are a few reasons why these shifter-related parts are so integral, the main one being that all of these products directly relate to driver touch points and inputs. Sometimes, it’s the smallest of parts that can make the biggest difference. Depending on your application, we are sure to have a variety of options to help your car shift, feel and look fresher than ever.

Which upgrade in this deep dive is right for you? Do you prefer a more race-inspired interior or are you more of a fan of the OEM+ vibe? Feel free to let us know in the comments or email us at

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