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N52 & N54 Swap Harness Questions

N52 & N54 Swap Harness Questions

If you plan on swapping an N52 or N54 engine into your e36, our harness adapters are the easiest way to go. Harnesses include the OBD2 diagnostic port, electronic accelerator pedal wiring, fuel pump relay wiring, CAS module wiring. oil pressure connector, coolant temperature connector, X60001 DME connector, and a custom CAN-bus emulator to simulate the missing E9x and E6x components.

All kits are made with high-temperature automotive grade wiring that resists oils, grease, and acids. Continuity is tested on every wire during construction. Harness adapters are wrapped in high-temperature expandable nylon sheathing to resist abrasion. All Kits come with easy-to-read instructions.

Check out the most commonly asked questions about our custom wiring harness adapters for the N52 & N54 Swap.

1) Q. What engine codes show up?
A. The normal codes that will possibly show up are: 2F4C, 2F4A, 2E8E, 2AAF, 2F71. The DME can be modified to have these codes suppressed, but it is not required. 

2) Q. Do I use my original key? Or the key from the E9x or E6x donor?
A. The donor key will be left in the ignition key reader key slot after the initial installation. You will use your original key to start the car. 

3) Q. Can I check the oil level? 
A. Yes, our CAN-bus module allows for oil level checking. 

4) Q. Can you provide extra assistance with the swap, not wiring related?
A. Yes, we do offer additional assistance and suggestions during your project once you have one of our harnesses. 

5) Q. What accelerator pedal should I use? 
A. The E46, E39, E6x, or E9x pedals can all be used. However, sticking with the E46/E39 option will be an easier install. 

6) Q. Why do my RPMs look wrong?
A. The N52/N54 is a 6-Cylinder engine. Make sure you have converted your gauge cluster to a 6-Cylinder version, or use a tachometer adapter. 
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