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Solid Engine Mount & Suspension Bushing Questions

Solid Engine Mount & Suspension Bushing Questions

Q. What is the hardness of UHMW?
A. Shore D 68 (See Hardness Scale)

Q. Why use UHMW?
A. UHMW is a self-lubricating polymer and requires no additional lubrication. It is great as a bushing material because it absorbs some vibration and keeps its form. It is unlike polyurethane because it will never require lubrication and since it is machined from a solid piece, it will not come apart over time. It is very resistant to abrasion and will outlast the life of your car. We use them on all our race cars and our street cars.

Q. How do Condor bushings compare in noise and vibration to stock rubber?
A. You will see almost no increase in vibration when upgrading your rear subframe bushings, front control arm bushings or rear differential bushings. Most of the time, the added NVH comes from engine and transmission mounts... predominantly our transmission mounts. We use UHMW for our bushings & mounts which is harder than rubber so you may see a slight bit of noise and/or NVH. Some customers report that they feel almost no increase in NVH. Either way, once you feel the increase in performance you will realize Condor bushings are well worth it.

Q. Do I need to grease my bushings when I install them? Will they begin to squeak over time?
A. No, they will not squeak ever. This is a benefit of using UHMW. It is a self-lubricating polymer that requires no additional lubrication at install or over the lifetime of the product.

Q. I ordered your motor mounts. They are ½” taller than the stock mounts I removed. I am not sure that I got the right ones. I am concerned that having the motor sit ½” higher is going to throw off the driveline geometry, and raise my CG.?
A. You have the right engine mounts. We see this a lot. 10-25-year-old rubber mounts compress over time, and when you change them out the new mounts are a bit taller. There's nothing to worry about, your new Condor engine mounts are the same size as the OEM mounts were when they were new.
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