Condor Speed Shop E30 Steering Coupler Installation Procedure

1. Remove the OEM steering coupler

2. Drill out the 2 aluminum rivets. You can also use a cutting wheel or hacksaw for this part. Tap them out with a hammer. Separate the two halves.

3.  Using a drill press, open up out the 2 holes in each of the u-joints. Drill them just large enough to fit the bolts through.

4. Using a hacksaw or cutting wheel, clearance the rounded corner of the U-joint half.

5. Assemble using the provided hardware. We recommend using lock-tite on all the bolt threads.

9. Re-install coupler.

* Please note that this is your steering system, proceed with caution! Use common sense and always be safe.

October 11, 2018 by Carlos Mendez

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