The Condor Speed Shop/OMP endurance team races at Sebring with WRL

The Condor Speed Shop '95 BMW E34 540i was well prepared and ready for a 14 hour endurance race with World Racing League at Sebring International Speedway.

The lug nuts were torqued, fluids were checked and the fuel tank was topped off.

When the green flag dropped we made an effort to stay out on track and minimize our time in the pits. Carlos Mendez ran the first stint, Andrew Engleman, jumped in for the second stint & Christian Melone was in 3rd overall when he radioed us in the pits complaining about the differential.

When he pulled into our pit stall a few minutes later, we knew our race was over as smoke billowed from the rear wheel wells and black oil dripped off the rear end.

The damage was so bad that the speed sensor melted out of the diff cover. Sometimes that's how it goes. Unfortunately our 4th driver and car owner, Curtis Buxton didn't get a chance to drive.

We'd like to thank Drew Dewar for his help in the pits and our sponsors, OMP and Nine and Three Wheels. If you want to know more about endurance racing head on over to the World Racing League.

August 26, 2019 by Carlos Mendez

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