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Barber Motorsports Park in a 540i with the World Racing League

Barber Motorsports Park in a 540i with the World Racing League

Barber Motorsports Park is a bucket list track for many racers including the guys and gals who make up the Condor/OMP Race Team. This was their first time at the track and the team was ready for Friday's qualifying rounds.

The first priority of the day was to get the car on the Dyno to confirm HP.

Once that was taken care of, there were a few loose ends the team had to work through including fixing a faulty push-to-start button and adding 71 lbs of ballast.

All four qualifying sessions went well and each driver got a chance for a stint behind the wheel. The team qualified in 10th out of 12 in-class cars.

There were two races scheduled for the weekend with the longer 9 hour race being held first, on Saturday.

When the green flag dropped at 8:00 am, the team was ready. The GP1 class consisted of some solid competition including a BMW e46 m3, an S54 swapped e36 M3, an E46 330i, two Porsche Boxters, and a BMW 1 series among others competing for the win. 

The team drove consistently all day, and did not make a single mistake. Pit stops were in the 2:30 minute range and lap times were averaging in the 1:45’s.

When the checkered flag flew at 5:00 pm, the guys found themselves in 8th place. Not bad for being the second oldest car at the track.

The next day's race was shorter, scheduled for 7 hours of racing starting at 8am. The starting grid was determined by Saturday’s fastest race lap, a 1:42.4. For the team that meant starting in 14th.

The team knew they had to push hard to get to the front. When the green flag flew, the race was on.

Lap by lap the guys worked their way towards the front of the GP1 class. Again, the car ran flawlessly and none of the drivers made any mistakes.

Average lap times were a second faster than the previous day, 1:44’s, with a fast lap of 1:41.52. Once the checkered flew the team had raced their way up to a 4th place finish!

We want to thank OMP for the support, 9 lives Racing for the rear aero and World Racing League for putting on a great event.

Photo credit: & Lowshutter Media

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