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Micah Diaz - E46 

Driver: Micah Diaz
Car specs: E46
Carbon fiber front lip, Clear corner lights, Street Fighter LA E46 wide body, M3 L TMW white paint, CSL carbon fiber trunk, Built-to-spec VSKF wheels, AeroCatch hood pins, M3 front bumper, M3 side skirts, Custom-cut rear bumper, Condor polycarbonate windows, Killswitch
 Proper Fabworks FD-spec 6-point roll cage, Pirate battery box, Optima RedTop battery, Custom dashboard, Cluster delete panel, AiM MXS Strada digital dash, 6-bolt steering wheel hub, Quick release, Hold Fast Casino steering wheel, Custom switch panel, Hydraulic handbrake, Longs shifter and knob, Sparco ADV, Sparco sprint, 5-point and 4-point harnesses, Anthony's Wired chassis harness
 SLR ultra angle kit, Feal Suspension 441 coilovers, Condor Speed Shop eyeball arm conversion bushings, Motorsports Hardware studs and nuts, Proper Fabworks upper and lower rear control arms, E36 M3 trailing arms, Rear dual calipers, Spherical trailing arm bushings, Condor Speed Shop Rear Subframe bushings
Under the Hood: 
CBM 415ci (6.8) 11.1: 1 609hp V8, LS6 intake manifold and throttle body, 4-inch intake tube and filter, LQ4 block, Canton oil pan, G&J fluid lines, CBM flat-top pistons, CBM connecting rods, CBM 4-inch stroker crankshaft, COMP Cams camshaft, Cadillac racing lifters, CBM pushrods, COMP Cams trunnions, Manley dual valve springs, Manley titanium seats, CBM oil pump, Canton oil pick-up tube, Canton remote oil filter, American Racing Headers, 3-inch stainless steel oval exhaust, CBM fuel injectors, Stainless steel fuel lines, AEM fuel pump, MARK VIII fan, Custom-built radiator, Power steering cooler, Proper Fabworks bash bar, Anthony's Wired engine harness, DR Concept engine mounts, 350 steel bell housing, GSR 4-speed dogbox, Custom-built drive shaft, Winter’s quick-change differential, Custom subframe, E36 M3 axles
- 2013 Sideways Sunday Solo Class Champion
- 2014 Sideways Sunday 3rd Place Tandem Class
- 2014 4th Place at Warfest
- 2016 10th Place Overall at Formula Drift Pro-Am Series, Top Drift
- 2017 8th Place Overall at Formula Drift Pro-Am Series, Top Drift

Jack Davis - E36 325is

Driver/Owner: Jack Davis
DRIVETRAIN: Mild built Chevy LS2 (647whp @ 6psi),bVortech v2 supercharger (A&A Corvette kit), Brian Tooley Racing valvetrain, G Force GSR 4 speed transmission, Mcleod Magforce twin disk clutch, Custom one piece steel driveshaft, Welded 3.91 diff with M3 stubs and axles, Rear mounted radiator with Spal fans
CHASSIS: FD spec roll cage, tube front and rear with fuel cell cage all done by Momentum Manufacturing, Condor Speed Shop reinforcement plates, stainless brake lines, monoball trailing arm bearings, diff and subframe bushings, M3 rear subframe, The whole chassis has been stitch welded at all the factory seams
SUSPENSION: Silver's North America custom valved coilovers, Wisefab angle kit with front sway bar
EXTERIOR: Big Duck Club overfenders, fiberglass trunk, sunroof delete, and side skirts, M3 front and rear bumpers, Custom paint by me and livery done by CLDesigns
INTERIOR: NRG bucket seats, Crow 5 point harnesses, Sweet MFG steering column, Grip Royal steering wheel, ASD hydro handbrake, Fiberglass dash, Radio system for track communication
FUEL AND ENGINE MANAGEMENT: Pump E85, Jaz 12 gallon fuel cell, Holley fuel rails, HP ECU, 7inch digital dash, Deatschwerks 95lb injectors, 3.5L surge tank, regulator, and twin 350LPH pumps,8AN pushlock feed and 6AN return fuel lines


Josh Love - E36 325is

Driver/Owner: Josh Love
Engine: LS3, TSP Stage 1 Cam, TSP Dual Valve Springs, Turn-1 Power Steering Pump, Radium Fuel Rails, Radium FCST Fuel Cell/Surge Tank, Sikky Headers, Sikky Engine Mounts, Sikky Oil Pan, CSF Aluminum Radiator, Tuned by Mofab
QuickTime Bell Housing, ACT Clutch, G-Force GSR Dogbox Transmission, Custom Bill’s Englewood Driveshaft, Winters Quick Change Differential, Custom Axles by CVJ Axles
Suspension: Full Condor Speed Shop Bushings, Full Condor Speed Shop Chassis Reinforcements, BC BR Coilovers, SLR Ultra Angle Kit, Turner Motorsport Front Sway Bar, Dual Caliper
Exterior: Condor Speed Shop Polycarbonate Windows, Full Big Duck Club Body Kit, Cosmis Racing XT-206R Wheels, Full Graphic Wrap by Impacted Wraps
Interior: Condor Speed Shop Clutch/Brake Pedal Bushings, Sparco Pro ADV / Pro 2000 Seats, Sparco 6 Point Harnesses, ARC 8000 Switch Panel, Hard Motorsport Dash Block Offs, Hard Motorsport Rear Bulkhead Delete, Hard Motorsport Aluminum Throttle Pedal, Big Duck Club Fiberglass Sunroof Delete, ASD Hydro, Racepak IQ3 Digital Dash
Awards: 1st Place Overall Drift Colorado Championship 2019, 2nd Place MDU Pro-2 Shootout 2019, 2nd Place Sonoma Drift Pro-2 Shootout 2019, 1st Place Drift Colorado Drift Car Challenge 2019, 3rd Place Overall Drift Colorado Championship 2018

Frank Leogrande - 1987 325is


Driver/Owner: Frank Leogrande
Car specs:1987 BMW 325is - Originally built to compete in pro-am drifting, It's all about having fun and doing what you love at the grassroots level. 
Engine/trans modifications: 544 whp BimmerHeads M20B31, s52 crank, H-Beam rods, Ross forged pistons, fullly worked head, turbo cam, stock hg with o-ringed block, precision 6262, 1000cc injectors, direct port meth injection, Rebellion Forge twin scroll turbo manifold and surge tank, custom intake, Deatschwerks 350il fuel pump, Radium FPR, Mishimoto Radiator and intercooler, Megasquirt ecu, Getrag 260, UUC twin disk high clamp ceramic clutch and dssr. 
Differential: Wanganstyle global built 3.73 LSD, setup for drifting
Suspension: Complete line of Condor mounts and bushings.   CAtuned nitro inverted coilover setup, SLR angle kit, DTM style rear adjustable arms Motorsport Hardware wheel studs and spacers. 
Safety: Roll cage by WOT-Tech, fabrication and welding done by Silokin Automotive. 

Josh Hickey - 1985 318i

Driver/Owner: Josh Hickey
Rally codriver/navigator: Jim Spoth. 
Rally crew chief: Josh Sennett
Car specs:
1985 BMW 318i - Full NASA Rally logbook.
M42 engine (originally M10) with 3.73 LSD and 3.91 LSD (looking for a 4.10!)
Hybrid suspension using stock/aftermarket components (e36 M3 springs rear, coilovers front w/ Bilstein HD)
Rollcage by Josh Hickey and Ozgur Simsek
Condor rear subframe mounts, diff mount, engine mounts (for track use), shift knob, brake lines, clutch line, pedal bushings and more.
2016   Washington DC Region Modified RWD Champion
2016 East Coast MR Champion
2016 Northeast Division MR Champion
2015 Washington DC Region Modified RWD Champion
2015   Northeast Division MR Champion
2014 Washington DC Region Modified RWD runner-up
2014 Great Lakes Division MR Runner-up.
2016 Wellsboro Waste Management Winter Rally (SCCA),
2016 Black River Stages and Raceway Park Rallysprint (NASA Rally Sport).
2017 Upcoming Events:
Full Season of SCCA RallyCross, Black River Stages (NRS), Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally (STPR) (American Rally Association), WMWR (again), multiple NRS rallysprints, and Chumpcar races 
 with Rage Cage Racing.

Team E Racing - E30 325i

Driver/ Owner: Elon Goran
Driver / Car Chief: Zack Benham
Driver: Greg Craddock
Car specs:  1986 BMW 325i E30 2 door

Engine / trans modifications: Condor power steering delete, H&R race springs, Bilstein shocks, Condor lollipops, Condor engine mounts with heat sleeve, Condor transmission mount, Condor trailing arm bushings, Condor differential bushing, Condor short shifter kit, Condor brass clutch pivot pic, Condor coolant block off plate, Condor DTM tow hooks, M20 timing belt, Condor stainless steel brake backing plates, braided brake lines, 90mm race stud kit, Condor polycarbonate rear and side windows, Condor drilled door handles, Condor tall weighted shift knob, rear subframe adjustable toe and camber kit, convertible 21mm front sway bar, Condor pop in front polycarbonate windows, front & rear strut bars, E36 front bumper, side skirts, front splitter, rear M3 replica wing, deleted side mirrors.

Interior/ safety modifications: Full roll cage, OMP full containment seat, 6-point OMP harness, center net, helmet air kit, cool suit system, fire suppression system, AIM lap timer

E Racing, operated by Elon, competes mainly in the ChumpCar World Series. This endurance racing series is held at major tracks which include Road Atlanta, Daytona, Sebring, Watkins Glen, VIR, COTA and Laguna Seca. Typically the races are 14 hours with drive time split amongst 4-5 drivers. E Racing’s car known for her reliability, speed and being one of best-looking cars on track, is named “Ella”. These attributes made them victorious in the most recent 18 hour ChumpCar Enduro at PBIR. The E Racing team is known for their homemade empanadas and warm hospitality. “It's important to have fun both on and off the track,” says Elon, “It's the entire racing weekend experience that makes everything we do special.”

Cory Talaska - E36 M3

Driver/ Owner: Cory Talaska
Driver / Car Chief: Bill Talaska
Car specs:  1998 BMW M3 Drift Car

Engine / trans modifications:
S52 engine with full forged internals, low compression turbo build
RK Tuned Garrett GT35R ball bearing turbo @ 16psi
BC Racing BR coil-overs (10k/6k)
SLR Speed Angle Kit
Full Formula D Spec roll cage w/ custom door bars
Big Duck Club/Felony Form Aero
Big Country Labs wing
JDM three-piece wheels provided by
Condor rear subframe mounts, diff mounts, engine mounts, transmission mounts, pedal bushings, offset RTAB, rear subframe reinforcement plates, front brake lines, rear side polycarbonate windows and more. 

8-Time F1 Snowmobile Ice Oval National Championship
12-Time Dirt/Pavement Oval Go-kart National Championship
20-Time National Money/Large Event Dirt Oval Go-kart Winner
2-Time Legends Pro-State Championship
3 Top 16 Drift Event Finishes (4th, 5th, 9th)

2018 Upcoming Events: 
July 28-29 East10Drift Pro-Am Round 2&3
Sep 1 Myrtle Beach Comp Round 3
Sep 23 Midwest Super D Trials USAIR
Sep 29 East10Drift Pro-Am Round 4
Nov 2-3 Clubloose Haunted Moves
Nov 17-19 OSW Black Friday

Rocco Bocchicchio - E30 325

Driver/Owner: Rocco Bocchicchio
Car Specs: 1989 325

Engine: M52b28 Displacement: 2.8L Configuration: Inline 6,
Cometic MLS .080 Head Gasket, ARP Hardware throughout, Supertech valvetrain, King Race bearings, In house port match and polish, Borg Warner 8374 EFR .92 A/R T4 Twin Scroll, Custom intake and turbo manifolds, S54 ITB’s on custom adapter plate, E85 conversion with custom surge tank system, Custom intake and turbo manifolds, 670 whp/ 496 wtq at 21 psi.
Suspension: Bimmerworld Solid front sway bar/no rear sway bar, E30 M3 adjustable end links, Ground Control Coilovers (Koni Yellow; Eibach Springs; GC Camber Plates), Rear Eccentric Subframe modification or alignment
Chassis and Aero: 10 point roll cage, Front-end tube reinforcement, Custom fiberglass body kit, Fiberglass roof skin, Fiberglass hood and trunk deck, Full aluminum flat bottom, Aluminum Diffuser, 68” x 11.25” airfoil, Alumalite Splitter
Planned Changes for 2017 Season: S/C system removed and replaced with: Borg Warner EFR 8374 .92 A/R T4 Twin Scroll (internal WG), Level Motorsport equal length twin scroll manifold, S54 ITB’s retrofitted to M52 cylinder head, Level Motorsport intake manifold, Turbosmart Kompact BOV, Turbosmart eBoost2 controller, Power goal of 650 whp/580 wtq @24-26psi
Suspension: Motion Control 2-way external adjustable coilovers, Tubular trailing arms with “DTM” style adjustment and spherical bearings, “DTM”style front control arms and tie rods
Chassis and Aero: Lighten chassis from 2625 lbs. w/ driver to 2450 lbs. w/ driver, Carbon fiber hood, Fiberglass rear bumper and valance, Second element added to wing, Remove stock front frame rails, Tube core support and strut bar replaced with aluminum

Time Attack/Hillclimb Event Results (1989 BMW E30):
 SCCA TT Road Atlanta; 3rd Place (SU Class)
SCCA TT Carolina Motorsports Park; 1st Place (SU Class)
SCCA TT Barber Motorsports Park; 5th Place (SU Class)
SCCA TT Chasing the Dragon Hill Climb; 4th Place (SU Class) 8th place overall
SCCA TT Talladega Grand Prix Raceway; 5th Place (SU Class) (mechanical failure) SCCA SeDiv TT 2014 SU Class Points Champion
SCCA TT Talladega Grand Prix Raceway; 2nd Place (SU class)
SCCA TT Carolina Motorsports Park; 1st Place (SU class)
SCCA Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb; 2nd Place (SU class) 3rd place overall
SCCA TT Barber Motorsports Park; 3rd Place (SU class)
SCCA Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb; 3rd Place (SU class) 4th place overall
SCCA SeDiv TT 2015 2nd Place SU Class Points
NASA AZ Chuckwalla Valley Raceway; 1st Place TTU
NASA AZ Wild Horse Pass East; 3rd Place TTU
Clifton Hill Climb 2016; 1st Place SPO; New SPO record and record for fastest production chassis in event history -Global Time Attack Pro-Am Buttonwillow; 3rd Place Unlimited RWD (mechanical failure)
Global Time Attack Pro-Am Autoclub Speedway; 1st Place Unlimited RWD
Global Time Attack Pro-Am Willow Springs Raceway; 3rd Place Unlimited RWD
Global Time Attack Pro Superlap Battle; 9th place Unlimited RWD (mechanical failure)
-Global Time Attack Pro-Am 2016 Unlimited Class Points Champion


Garrett Griffith - E36 318i

Driver/Owner: Garrett Griffith
Car specs: 1995 BMW 318i – Rally America logbook with FIA cage cert.
Engine/trans modifications: M42b18 engine with 9lb flywheel with Kevlar clutch
Differential: 3.45 LSD and 4.45 LSD
Suspension: Front: 46mm Bilstein coilovers Rear: stock springs with Bilstein dampers
Safety: FIA rollcage by Custom Cages, welded by Mike Homer
Underbody: ¼ inch 5052 aluminum skid plate.  3 sheets of HDPE covering fuel lines and the tank.

2017 Rally Ready 2wd 1st place
2017 Rally America 100 Arce Wood Rally
2017 Rally America Show-Me Rally



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