Power-Steering Delete - UHMW


A simple yet effective way to remove your power steering and loop the steering rack, allowing fluid and air to continue to circulate within. This version of our popular power-steering delete is machined from a solid block of UHMW, similar to Delrin. These will work on any e30 chassis 325, 318 or S14 M3 rack. This will work on e36, E46 and Z3 racks as well!

The reason you need a power-steering delete that actually loops the two banjo bolts is to not only to let any residual fluid pass from one side of the rack to the other, but also to let the air inside flow freely from one side to the other. Without this pass-through, you will be compressing the air inside of your rack on each side when you turn the wheel, making it harder to steer, and eventually blowing out the seals. 

Installation is simple. You will need to remove the stock reservoir, pump and hoses. Keep the stock banjo bolts and stock copper washers, and bolt this in place. If you have already removed your power steering, this is a great way to stop any unwanted leaks from the "hose mod".


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