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Shift Boot with M-Tech Pattern

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Revamp your BMW's interior with our Shift Boot with M-Tech Pattern, tailor-made for BMW E30, E36, E46, Z4, and E34 enthusiasts. This premium boot raises your car’s interior to the next level with a Motorsport-inspired pattern and sleek black stitching.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Boost your BMW's interior with a sporty, race-inspired vibe, especially when complemented with our Condor Weighted Shift Knob and M-Tech E-Brake Boot.

  • Personalization: With a range of BMW-inspired designs, every enthusiast can express their passion for Motorsport in their own unique way.

  • Compatibility: Designed to precisely match BMW E30, E36, E46, Z4, and E34 models, our boots seamlessly integrate with your car's interior for a flawless fit.

Image is of our uninstalled M-Tech Shift Boot.

Why Choose Shift Boots from Condor Speed Shop?

Each of our shift boots is hand-stitched with meticulous attention to detail, featuring exclusive Motorsport-inspired patterns. Each piece also showcases a Condor tag, adding an extra touch of authenticity and symbolizing our commitment to quality.

The Perfect Complement for Your Condor Weighted Shift Knob

Our Shift Boot and Condor Weighted Shift Knob are a match made in heaven. The taller height and added weight of the knob allow for more controlled shifting, while the high-quality fabric of the boot ensures durability and comfort. Together, they not only enhance the look of your interior but more importantly improve the tactile feel during quick gear shifts.

Origins of the M-Tech Pattern

Origins of the M-Tech Pattern

The M-Tech pattern originated from BMW’s ambition to excel in motorsport, specifically in Group A touring car racing. The E30 M3 was created as a limited homologation model to qualify for racing. The M-Tech pattern highlights the seats and door panels showcasing the racing heritage integral to the E30 M3’s design.

  • Evolution of the M3: Introduced in 1986, the E30 M3 was the pioneer of the BMW M3, renowned for its high performance. It established standards for handling and agility, driven by its balanced chassis and powerful s14 engine. The M-Tech pattern marks the beginning of this iconic series.
  • Distinctive Aesthetic: The Original European DTM racing cars had distinctive tri-color stripes. The M-Tech pattern calls back to the unique colors and shapes to define the E30 M3’s interior. This pattern has become a signature element linked to the E30 M3’s racing legacy.
  • Cultural Icon: The BMW E30 M3 is revered worldwide for its performance, iconic design, and cultural impact. The M-Tech pattern symbolizes a time when motorsport and driving passion led automotive innovation.

The M-Tech pattern in the E30 M3 is deeply entrenched in motorsport history, symbolizing the birth of the BMW M division and embodying a legacy of performance and iconic design.

Image is of our M-Tech shift boot already installed with our weighted shift knob.

Our Shift Boots Are Simple to Install

Installing our Shift Boot with M-Tech Pattern is straightforward and can be done in just a few simple steps (no special tools required):

  1. Remove the Shift Knob: OEM BMW knobs pull straight up. Make sure you don't hit yourself in the face or break your rearview mirror when pulling it off, we have seen both!
  2. Remove the Old Boot: Safely remove the trim ring and original boot from the center console. Typically, this involves squeezing the trim ring together from the sides to pull it up.
  3. Prepare the Trim Ring: For the trim ring, you can either try to peel the original boot from the existing one or purchase one of ours. Simply slip the new Shift Boot with M-Tech Pattern over the trim ring, ensuring it is evenly placed.  Our shift boots are designed to offer an OEM-like fit so this should be easy!
  4. Reinstall the New Shift Boot: Reinsert the trim piece with the newly attached boot back over the gear shift lever.
  5. Verify and Adjust: Ensure that the boot is properly aligned and does not hinder shifting. Make any necessary adjustments for a perfect fit before snapping it into place.
Image is of our black suede shift boot.

Other Shifter Boot Offerings from Condor Speed Shop

At Condor Speed Shop,  we get it – making your ride your own is what it's all about. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of shift boots to complement any BMW interior. Our shift boots draw inspiration from the distinct seat patterns found in specific BMW models:

Why not match your new shift boot with our M-Tech E-Brake BootIt's a surefire way to add some style to your car's interior and enhance your shifting experience.