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Condor Weighted "Tall" Shift Knob

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If you need a new knob in your BMW performance car, this aftermarket knob might be the one for you. Inspired by the vintage mushroom shaped BMW shift knobs from the 80's found in road, race and rally cars, these aftermarket shift knobs are sure to look good in your BMW. Not only do these BMW shift knobs turn heads, but they are fully functional and can be considered a performance shift knob. This classic look has now been perfected by increasing the knob height and adding a removable 3.5 oz weight. This perfectly machined Delrin shift knob will fit comfortably in your hand for years of smooth shifting.

Designed with the driver in mind, this weighted shift knob's stall design keeps it close to the steering wheel, allowing you to quickly reach over and change gears on a manual transmission, minimizing the amount of time your hand is off the wheel. 

The weight in the shift knob acts as a counterweight during shifting, and our design allows for weight adjustment to fit your driving style. Keep the weight for quick shifting, or remove it if you prefer the feeling of a light weight BMW shift knob. Weighing in at a total of 244 grams (8.6 oz), the Condor weighted shift knob will give you the ultimate shift feel and style you've been looking for.

  • 100% Delrin bushings
  • Weighted shift knob that has 100 grams of steel weight
  • Removeable set screw
  • 3(x) set of screws
  • Guaranteed better BMW performance shift

* Please make cap selection in the drop down.

Check out this video on How to Install this Tall BMW Weighted Shift Knob: