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Condor Chassis-Mount Race Shifter

Original price $295.00 - Original price $325.00
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$295.00 - $325.00
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The Condor Chassis-Mount Race Shifter is a robust short shifter designed for BMWs with manual transmissions. Its classic DTM-inspired aesthetic sets it apart from the crowd.

The 3-way adjustable pivot point allows for precise calibration of the shift throw. The beautiful CNC machined base encapsulates all of the mounting fasteners allowing for an easy 1-person install. The rubber isolation gasket completely seals the cabin from fumes and provides a small buffer against heat and unwanted NVH.

Like the OEM BMW shift levers, we have designed the lever with a plastic pivot ball to soak up NVH and absorb abrupt shifts. This allows for very smooth throws, and due to its use of an OEM shifter cup, it is easily rebuildable.

Available in endless variations with 3 separate knob options, and many Condor shifter cap designs. Compatible with all 5 & 6-speed BMWs that use a standard H-pattern Getrag or ZF transmission.


  • CNC machined aluminum shaft & Delrin knob.
  • Integrated boot seals transmission tunnel upon install 
  • A bolt-on solution that works with the existing BMW selector rod.
  • Short and precise shift travel
  • Increased height allows for quick movement between the steering wheel & shift lever.
  • Captured fasteners allow for simple installation
  • 3-way Adjustable shift lever pivot point
  • Fits within the stock console
  • Rigid ultra-lightweight aluminum base
  • Total Weight: 1 lb 9 oz. 
  • Total Height: 11.42" (290 mm) Measured from the top of the Roundie knob to the bottom of the base where it mounts to the transmission tunnel.
  • Manufactured in the USA

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