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Control Arm Bushings - E46 Conversion for E30 & E36

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These control arm bushings are specifically designed for the e30 & e36 chassis. Swapping in E46 control arms into your E30 or E36 will significantly increase negative camber by widening the track width and will also give you more clearance for more steering angle. Our conversion bushings are machined from UHMW due to its high rigidity and low coefficient of friction allowing for minimal suspension bushing deflection (geometry change).  We've designed them offset to re-center the wheel, and give your e30/e36 the correct caster. They will include a Delrin (21mm) or Delrin (23mm) insert that tightly presses over the hexagonal shaped end on the E46 control arms.  You now do not need to grind down your control arms or make any other modifications to your chassis. Please note that you will need to use E36 outer tie rods and E90 inner tie rods when installing in an E30 or E36.

Measure the size of the Hex on your control arm before ordering. Choose 21mm or 23mm in the drop down. Our 21mm version fits the following Meyle and Lemforder arms.

  • LEMFORDER ZHP - 31 12 2 282 121 & 31 12 2 282 122
  • LEMFORDER - 31 12 6 777 851 & 31 12 6 777 852
  • MEYLE HD - 31 12 6 777 851 &  31 12 6 777 852

*Please note that Meyle makes a standard e46 control arm and a Heavy Duty control arm. SOME HD arms have a hex that is larger in size (23mm). Most ZHP arms are 21mm.