Control Arm Bushings Offset-E46


The OEM rubber control arm bushings were designed for comfort in mind... they were meant to to flex and absorb energy. That’s fine on a docile streetcar but on an all-out street/race build you want your alignment to stay constant. Condor uses UHMW for this application due to its high rigidity and low coefficient of friction allowing for minimal suspension bushing deflection.

Our new E46 CABs are designed in two pieces; A UHMW bushing that presses into the stock E46 carriers, and a stainless-steel sleeve insert with a hexagonal cut-out. This stainless-steel sleeve insert presses over the hexagonal end on the E46 control arms. Once installed, this stainless-steel sleeve will rotate with the control arm within the UHMW bushing. This solution allows for a very smooth control arm movement. These control arm bushings are offset, adding 3/4 degree of positive caster on each side!

All E46 except Xdrive Wagon or E46 M3 (1998-2007)

*Please Note: Fits 21-22MM Hex.

**Meyle makes a standard e46 control arm and a Heavy Duty control arm. Some HD arms have a hex that is larger in size. These HD control arms may need to be shaved 1-2 mm for proper fitment.

*Order pre-pressed bushings and brand new carriers from the drop down menu.

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